a series of random thoughts.

I thought it’s been a while since I blogged. Turns out, it was 2 days ago-.-

Hmm. Spotted some new moles on me. DARN IT!

Curly fries are back! AWESOME! But I think I will still stick to corn for my extra value meal.

Can’t go to Gaga’s concert cos of work. But felt happy that I was invited!

RITS! Announce who you are bringing to Singapore already! With Wicked and the two K-Pop groups RITS might bring in, I think I can forget about my year end trip.

Which means, twang is right. I should just take it that I am not going.

Need to buy new wardrobe.

Cause I can’t stop thinking bout you, girl! 널 내꺼로 만들거야! No, I can’t stop thinking about U, girl. 내 우리 안에 가두고싶어 ~

DK is right. It’s not K-Pop. Maybe that’s why I can reject easily. Brother’s expression was priceless when he heard I said no.

It’s 1.13am. Better go to bed soon. Another 9am – 11pm workday tomorrow.



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