Kodomo Baby Wipes

I love wet tissues. I used them pretty often. To clean my phone, my iPod touch, my hands, my table and loads of other stuff.

While Daiso sells pretty affordable (and somewhat decent) tissues, they can never ever beat the Kodomo Baby Wipes!

The size is bigger than any wet tissues I’ve ever used. They are ultra wet! And when I forget to close the pack at times, it doesn’t dry out that quickly!

But this baby wipes is elusive!

I have never seen it sold in supermarkets. Only at Watsons. Even then! It gets cleared out super duper quickly! Bleh.

So next time, if you see this, let me know!

this is a depressing post.

okay. this is a depressing post. do not be alarmed. 

i am mentally sound. and am not suffering from depressing.

While going through stories I’ve wrote in the past, I found this paragraph –

I don’t understand why people commit suicide. What can be so bad to drive them to do that?

And I guess..At that point in my life, I really don’t understand. Never in my life (then) have that thought ever crossed my mind. At that point in life, the sun is still shining and the world is still fill with good people who will never hurt me.

How about now?

Well…I tried my hardest to see what I’ve seen last time. But..I can’t.

Now. Now, I understand why people commit suicide. I understand. I see. Because, I was there. I was down at the pits. Dabbling with that slight bit of depression.

Of course, I got out of it. With the support of my friends who met up with me everyday. And I guess, I was too chicken to do it.

So yes. Mindset has changed. I guess..It’s time I admit that…


Again. I am MENTALLY SOUND ok! Just because I am saying this, doesnt mean that I will go do something funny. I’m just saying that I understand.

With that said, if the thought ever cross your mind, please. Holler. Help is always around.

oh, tummy. why! why!

[warning: content may be inappropriate during/after/before meal times.]

It’s been going on for almost 2 weeks.

My tummy is naughty.

Everyday for the past 2 weeks, the first thing I do when I reach home is to rush to the bathroom and…for a lack of better words, poo. I’m serious! Every weekday at least!

It seems that my tummy is kicking up a fuss suddenly. I can’t eat any “outside” food. If I do, I get tummyaches. And after poo-ing, the tummyache hangs around! 😦

Seems like the tummy is growing picky and only prefer my mum’s cooking.

Oh tummy. Why!!

Tonight, my mum was tired so she didn’t cook so I end up eating zichar. Now, I’m paying for it *curls up into a ball*

Oh body. I hate you.

Men with bracelets.

I’ve always like guys who knows how to accessorise.

Like a nice watch or a leather bracelet.

*cough cough* Just like Siwon 😛

This is the best screenshot I can get –

yummy much? ^^


I like how I can drool over any members of Super Junior and not feel like a pedophile. Lalala~

this control issue.

Lately, I’ve realised something. This feeling that I don’t want to carry on a certain behavior anymore but yet cannot do some.

I guess, my Facebook status last week kind of sum it up –

sometimes i wish that i am less anal/critical about stuff. then i can be the jolly old self again.

I think I never recovered bounced back from when I took a huge fall that year.

I’ve moved on but I’m not back, if that makes sense.

That fear of what might happen if I lose control again. If I just let myself live a little bit more. This fear that drives the need to constantly keep the room clean, to constantly keep the house clean, to constantly be clean.

It’s a cleaning disorder. Something like an eating disorder. It helps to deal with my insecurities. Because so many things in life can’t be control. So, I turn to cleaning.

That fall which also turned me from a person high in I to a person high in C. I was shocked to learn about that. I used to be so proud of being the high I in my group of friends.

And for the first time in my life, the word “negative” was used to described me. “Sometimes, you can be very negative.” I’ve noticed that too. I will be negative, then start feeling guilty afterwards, which then makes me angry and then I become more negative. But I’m fighting. Fighting each day to push those negativity down.

The words used to describe me these days are words that are totally opposite of what my teachers and friends have used to described me. Total. Opposite.

I’m growing tired of this constant need to be in control. This control thing is getting tiring. There’s a ‘war’ going on. The bit that wants to live a little bit more, the old bit of me is fighting this control bit.

Somehow…Well, I just hope nothing goes wrong. again.


슈퍼주니어(Super Junior) – Mr Simple


I really blame it on K-Pop and its ability to turn any person into a paranoid fan.

I am 23. I swore off pop culture at 14 after attending A1’s autograph session one.

But…ever since I attended Super Junior’s showcase last year, I have been hooked hooked hooked.

Thursday morning…I was refreshing my Facebook and Twitter every other minute. Hoping to get more news about Super Junior’s press conference that was happening. When there’s no update, I panicked and think that perhaps, Twitter is down or my hp is faulty.

Yes. This 23 year old is back to being a 14 year old again. All because of Super Junior -.-


Admittedly, the teaser and concept photo of the album is not fantastic.

5th album!

I mean, whenever I see Siwon now, my eyes will drift downwards. Erm…NOT ME K! It’s the photo! It’s totally a “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” moment! >.<

ANYWAYS! Siwon. Hot. Body. Drools.

And when I heard the song, “Mr Simple”, I went “WHAT?” 20 seconds in cause it sounded really disco and kind reminded me of 4 Minute’s Mirror Mirror’s starting.

But…IT’S SUPER JUNIOR!! So, I know somehow, it will work.

Thus, you see me, constantly poking at my Galaxy on a rainy Thursday morning at work.

Super Junior~ORYO!

When the MV finally came out during lunchtime, I screamed internally and quickly scurried to my desk to load the video.

Dang! I like (:

I am looking to buy the album but…most sites that I see dont allow us to choose our covers! I WANT Siwon/Sungmin/Yesung/Kyuhyun!

Anyways, so looking forward to their comeback stage tomorrow on Music Bank! It will be great entertainment for me since I will be on MC.


the family meeting.

Ever since I graduated, I’ve been telling myself that I want to bring the family overseas. Unfortunately, after 6 months of working life, I left my first job. Unemployed for another 6 months before I am where I am now!

I think I am ready to bring the family overseas! The plan was to go Taiwan because a) the dad likes the place and b) the brother is about to enlist so this is the perfect time to go for a family trip together!

But we had a vote and the tribe has spoken –

Dad: No. You save more ok?
Mum: No. Need alot of money leh.
Sister: No need lah.
Brother: No *slams door*

So thinking that maybe everyone is a little paiseh about the cost. I suggested Penang since a) parents are already planning to go with the old folks from the CC and b) the cost for 5 pax = cost of 1 pax to go Taiwan. Cheap!

I even tag along with my colleagues to collect itenary.

Came home and proposed to the family. Mummy seems tempted. But…

Mum: We go together but I pay for myself ok? But must see what dad say.
Sister: Not interested!
Dad: You treat us to a HUGE meal lah. Then you slowly save up for us to go Taiwan. I want to fly by SQ ok?
Brother: Too sick to reply. Hiding in room.

So, yes. The verdict is out. No family trip this year.

If I can’t find anyone to fly with me, then I guess I will concentrate on increasing my local comforts. Think gadget upgrade, room renovation, new bag etc.