the family meeting.

Ever since I graduated, I’ve been telling myself that I want to bring the family overseas. Unfortunately, after 6 months of working life, I left my first job. Unemployed for another 6 months before I am where I am now!

I think I am ready to bring the family overseas! The plan was to go Taiwan because a) the dad likes the place and b) the brother is about to enlist so this is the perfect time to go for a family trip together!

But we had a vote and the tribe has spoken –

Dad: No. You save more ok?
Mum: No. Need alot of money leh.
Sister: No need lah.
Brother: No *slams door*

So thinking that maybe everyone is a little paiseh about the cost. I suggested Penang since a) parents are already planning to go with the old folks from the CC and b) the cost for 5 pax = cost of 1 pax to go Taiwan. Cheap!

I even tag along with my colleagues to collect itenary.

Came home and proposed to the family. Mummy seems tempted. But…

Mum: We go together but I pay for myself ok? But must see what dad say.
Sister: Not interested!
Dad: You treat us to a HUGE meal lah. Then you slowly save up for us to go Taiwan. I want to fly by SQ ok?
Brother: Too sick to reply. Hiding in room.

So, yes. The verdict is out. No family trip this year.

If I can’t find anyone to fly with me, then I guess I will concentrate on increasing my local comforts. Think gadget upgrade, room renovation, new bag etc.


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