oh, tummy. why! why!

[warning: content may be inappropriate during/after/before meal times.]

It’s been going on for almost 2 weeks.

My tummy is naughty.

Everyday for the past 2 weeks, the first thing I do when I reach home is to rush to the bathroom and…for a lack of better words, poo. I’m serious! Every weekday at least!

It seems that my tummy is kicking up a fuss suddenly. I can’t eat any “outside” food. If I do, I get tummyaches. And after poo-ing, the tummyache hangs around! 😦

Seems like the tummy is growing picky and only prefer my mum’s cooking.

Oh tummy. Why!!

Tonight, my mum was tired so she didn’t cook so I end up eating zichar. Now, I’m paying for it *curls up into a ball*

Oh body. I hate you.

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