this is a depressing post.

okay. this is a depressing post. do not be alarmed. 

i am mentally sound. and am not suffering from depressing.

While going through stories I’ve wrote in the past, I found this paragraph –

I don’t understand why people commit suicide. What can be so bad to drive them to do that?

And I guess..At that point in my life, I really don’t understand. Never in my life (then) have that thought ever crossed my mind. At that point in life, the sun is still shining and the world is still fill with good people who will never hurt me.

How about now?

Well…I tried my hardest to see what I’ve seen last time. But..I can’t.

Now. Now, I understand why people commit suicide. I understand. I see. Because, I was there. I was down at the pits. Dabbling with that slight bit of depression.

Of course, I got out of it. With the support of my friends who met up with me everyday. And I guess, I was too chicken to do it.

So yes. Mindset has changed. I guess..It’s time I admit that…


Again. I am MENTALLY SOUND ok! Just because I am saying this, doesnt mean that I will go do something funny. I’m just saying that I understand.

With that said, if the thought ever cross your mind, please. Holler. Help is always around.


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