Say no to shark fin soup!

I’m proud to say that I’ve never tasted shark fin soup before. Even as a little girl, I couldn’t stand the idea.

After watching Gordon Ramsay’s investigation into how sharks are hunted and finned for their fins, my tummy nearly turned. It’s downright cruel ūüė¶ They cut away the fins (sharks are still alive by the way) then dumb them back into the sea. Bleeding and all!

Now, imagine you are the shark. Without your fins, you can’t move. Which means you will sink. And you can’t exactly die, cause you can breathe in the water. So, you either bleed to death, get preyed on OR sink to a point in the ocean where your body can’t stand the pressure anymore. Cruel cruel cruel. Imagine the fear the sharks must have felt.

ANYWAYS! According to Gordon Ramsay(who probably has one of the most excellent taste buds), shark fin soup is practically tasteless. The broth (made of chicken) was excellent though.

So seriously. Why then do people still drink them? And seriously, if you still need to dump in large amount of pepper and vinegar into the soup, it’s not exactly THAT nice is it?

I mean, ok. The kings used to drink them. But not everything a king eat/drink is delicious right? Think about it. Is it possible that the kings liked shark fin soup back then because sharks were difficult to hunt, rare and dangerous? By drinking shark fin soup is more like a show of their power and greatness? And not¬†because¬†it’s delicious?

Meh. Culture is hard to change, I guess. Sigh.

Anyway, here’s the video I was talking about. Take a look. I dare you.


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