Fun and Sensibility.

Okay, I haven’t logged in for such a long time that I forgot my password. Then I forgot the email address this account is tied to. Then I forgot the password tied to that email address. Major panic mode. But, all is well. I’m here! 😀

Nothing’s change. Still as sotong as ever.


Fun and sensibility. It seems like the last time they coincided in my life was back in secondary school. I had fun and was sensible.

Then came that period. I had ‘fun’. The word is in inverted commas because on paper and probably in other people’s eyes, it’s fun. Booze and parties. Late nights out.  I lost my sensibility back then.

If I were to tell you what I did, you might be shock. Cause really. I lost my common sense. My sensibility. I just let go.

Some pretty icky things happened and…the stars were aligned, the wind was right and the whole shingle-jangle. I fell into that dark mood. Emo MAX! I am not talking about ranting. I was downright depressed.

Took about a year and a little bit more before I got to where I am now. The me now…Well..Loads of sensibility. Fun? Not so much. I’m a goody shoes. A girl-next-door. Boring.

I think I am more comfortable this way. I don’t have to think so much or evaluate so much. I’m in control.

But recently, I am getting a little bored of being sensible. Getting a little bored of..well, bored.

I’ve been considering of going back to the ‘fun’ times. Telling myself that maybe this time, I will fare better (FAT HOPE!). Been dipping my toes in.


I don’t know.

This is going nowhere.

I am still (because I know it will change) happy with my life (: Just recording some thoughts down.

Now now. Don’t go over analysing.


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