NS – impending.

One more week to the brother’s enlistment and we are all sitting on egg shells.

The father unit is constantly talking about NS. What other people told him and his own experience.

The mother unit is trying to act nonchalant/indifferent (as always).

The sister unit. Hmm. I think she still have a huge question mark on her head. And she’s a little jealous that the mother unit might abandon her graduation ceremony to stay home and wait for the brother to book out.

Me? If you have met me in the past week, you will know that in a way or another. Somehow, I will bring up the topic. Yes, I’m worried.

The brother unit? Think he is ‘upset’ as well. Just today, when the internet was down for awhile, he text me and said, “you can download all you want when i am in the jungle.” He thought I was hoarding all the bandwidth and was being sarcastic -.-

Don’t worry, dear brother! I will let you have all the bandwidth you want. All the food you want! (this week’s exclusive offer!)

Sigh sigh. 8th November is coming way too fast. Will there be a change in family dynamics? Do I have to step up as the middle child again (more so than always)? NOOOOO!

Anyways, wu ah yong, JIAYOU!


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