words i used that you may not understand.

Sometimes, I come up with words to describe things or situations that might confuse people.

So here’s a list (well, 2 words) that I’ve been using quite a bit lately.

Means: Stupid/Too bad/Kwah-Kwah/Bullshit
Example: What? You mean the internet is down? POOPOO LOR!

Nuggets (or sometimes, chicken nuggets)
Means: Replacement for the word F/Expression of frustration
Example: *walks into copier* NUGGET!

Ok! That’s about it…I think 😛 Till next time!


in times of panic.

I think I am not one to panic. Or something like that.

In times when people around me panic, I’m not. Like during exams.

I just turn quiet and my face goes really black without my knowledge. I’m not angry. Or panicking. I am actually just zoning out and concentrating on getting things done.

The brain is on absolute silent mode.

Though I do get slightly irritated when people starts creating more mess or BUT! i get irritated much more easily. Especially when I realised I am clearing “mess” created by other people’s lack of planning. I’ll rant but I’ll accept it and get things done.

Maybe because this is rather different from my normal behavior, people think that I am panicking? They tend to come up to me and go, “It’s okay. Don’t gan cheong.” Initially, I will try to explain to them that I am not. But after awhile, I just give up.

Why bother? I mean…Since they already think I am in a gan cheong state, they can’t really see otherwise. So I rather save time and energy and concentrate on getting things done.

Trust me. When I panic, you will know it.

tan + tummy.

This post can get pretty gross.

This morning, just when I was about to head out of the house, my stomach started cramping. I thought it was normal and let it pass. But by the time I got on the bus, the cramps were so bad, it took all of my determination (or whatever) to not moan in pain. I tried blasting Britney and Glee. But even then, I couldn’t pay attention.

By the time I reached office, I ran to the washroom. Came back to the office, sat down and the stomach cramp started all over AGAIN. That’s when I packed my bag, got on a cab and headed home.

Reached home and ran to the washroom. After that, things felt okay. I even ate McDonald’s Breakfast! Went back to work with a cranky tummy but no more toilet runs.

Still feeling the same way now.

In other news! The colleagues said I seemed to have lost weight. Hmmm. But I feel the same. Maybe it’s the runs to the washroom. But really, I think it’s the tiny tiny tan I got from Sunday’s photoshoot.

Not a full-blown tan but just a tiny shade darker!

See! Tan makes people look skinny! I LOVE THE SUN!

Anyways, going to roll around in bed. To quote my colleague, ” I have a washing machine in my tummy.”