tan + tummy.

This post can get pretty gross.

This morning, just when I was about to head out of the house, my stomach started cramping. I thought it was normal and let it pass. But by the time I got on the bus, the cramps were so bad, it took all of my determination (or whatever) to not moan in pain. I tried blasting Britney and Glee. But even then, I couldn’t pay attention.

By the time I reached office, I ran to the washroom. Came back to the office, sat down and the stomach cramp started all over AGAIN. That’s when I packed my bag, got on a cab and headed home.

Reached home and ran to the washroom. After that, things felt okay. I even ate McDonald’s Breakfast! Went back to work with a cranky tummy but no more toilet runs.

Still feeling the same way now.

In other news! The colleagues said I seemed to have lost weight. Hmmm. But I feel the same. Maybe it’s the runs to the washroom. But really, I think it’s the tiny tiny tan I got from Sunday’s photoshoot.

Not a full-blown tan but just a tiny shade darker!

See! Tan makes people look skinny! I LOVE THE SUN!

Anyways, going to roll around in bed. To quote my colleague, ” I have a washing machine in my tummy.”


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