the successful failed surprise.

I’m not one to be surprised by surprises. Birthday surprises never did worked :pI

But this year…I got surprised thrice (: not a FWAH surprise. But more of a “oh. i didn’t expect that” surprise. the small ones.

ahh..signs of getting old perhaps.

It started with the Famous Amos gift and the book from the colleagues.

all my favorites - book, cookies + chocolates!

I was not expecting any presents cos I already received a huge one from them waaayyy before this!

Anyways, the surprise of this lot is the Famous Amos cookies! I was rather grouchy in the morning and randomly whatsapp-ed in our group’s chat that I was craving for chocolate chips cookies. So,  I didn’t expect them to buy for me! ❤ ❤

Second surprise came from the family.

Decided to cancel lunch with the family caused the brother had to go for NS thing in the morning and I didn’t want him to rush. Dinner was a no go cos I had to go for SNSD concert.

So, I told the mum to just get a cake and we will celebrate after I am back home.

After the concert, I texted the sister that I was coming home. She sounded kind of weird, asking if I was buying food. Feeling irritated, I called her and she said she already ate. So I was like, “huh?”

Then she asked me to get her a bread from Breadtalk. At which point, I was feeling darn irritated cos of her conflicting messages and my headache. I told her I am not getting them for her.

But when I got to AMK, I felt guilty and called back to ask what bread she wanted. The dad picked up the phone and said, “No ah. Your sister ate. No need to buy.” And the sister suddenly grabbed the phone and asked me to get her the pork floss bun. Finding it strange (cos she dont really take pork) but too tired to argue, I bought the bun and walked home.

I saw the door of my house slammed shut when I stepped out of the lift. Not suspecting anything, I proceeded to walk towards it. I even said hello to the neighbour’s cat who was hiding underneath some plants (so cute!).

After unlocking the padlock, I was kinda pissed to find the inner door locked! So I knocked real loudly and yelled, “OEI!” Usually, the sister will rush out to open the door for me cos I will get really angry if I’m locked out for a long period of time. But this time, no one came!

So, I knocked again! And my dad came to open the door!

The first thing I noticed was that the living room lights were off. I was about to ask why when the mother started running forward with a cake + half-lit candles and the sister was behind. Apparently, they locked me out on purpose and the dad was so blur to open the door for me!

Anger gone and surprised, I told my mum that I will go out again. So, I gave them awhile before going in again and this is it –

the dad laughing behind.


When we were eating the cake, the mum asked the dad why he went to opened the door and his reply was –

She knocked! So I open lor!


And then, the sister went to spoil the surprise that the brother bought me a gift 😛 To which, the brother went –

WAH LAO! You and lao pa the same one lor! why you tell her I got her perfume!


with the siblings (:

Third little surprise came from the girls (:

It’s been a while since we spent actual birthdays with each other. So I was really glad when the girls agreed to meet me on Sunday! (:

Again, not expecting anything from them but….

favorite flower (:

Hee! Thank you, girls! I just read the card too! Mabel, you’re the one who is obsessed with boobs not Sivan! >.<

And, the girls were very nice to “entertained” my silly suggestion of finishing a tub of Ben & Jerry before we head home!

we also bought one home each!

So yes, this was how after 24 years, I am finally getting surprised by surprises (:

some feelings

 I dont know why but my heart is pretty heavy when I wrote the letter to my future self (read the letter from 23 year-old me ). I don’t know why the same heavy feeling is back as I write this post.

Whatever it is, thank you everyone for spending a wonderful 24th birthday with me (: Thank you for your wishes and/or for making the effort to make it such a happy one for me.

Dear superstition, please don’t come true. I deserve to celebrate my birthday, ok? (:

Rest of the photos of how I got older can be found here.


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