Invasion of privacy.

My trusty Fujitsu died about a little over a month ago. So I havent been blogging because I cant really blog in the living room since it’s always so noisy. Noise = not conducive for thinking.

Anyway, my gmail was pretty quiet today and I wondered why. It was a good thing I logged in using my sister’s macbook and was then informed that there were suspicious activity in my account. Further information highlighted that my account was accessed from Canada 😦 I checked my Inbox and found a series of spam mail sent to some of my friends. I wonder why I was not notified of such emails entering my mailbox. Especially since both my Android and iPod touch are synced to that account 😦

I have changed my password and switched on added security. But my mood is ruined.

I’m a person who treasures privacy and personal space very much. I dont even let anyone (other than myself) enter my room. And my email is something I count as my personal space and hold close to me. So to find out that it was hacked is kind of “traumatizing” and a definite mood downer.

Doesn’t help that after I’ve ‘solved’ (I hope I did) the gmail problem, I turn to see my 2 month old iPod touch have ‘spasm’. The screen was “spasm-ing”! I tried to shut it down but cant. Tried to take a screenshot also cant. Plugged it into powerpoint and my sister’s laptop also didn’t work.

Ever since my laptop died, iPod touch has been my best friend. So to realised that it is also dying, my sucky mood went down even more 😦

It might seem like small stuff but think about it. Laptop died –> All information gone. iTunes information gone. gmail hacked –> no idea what spammer sent out. possible that your sensitive information is leaked. possible that your data can be gone. iPod touch dying –> nothing to keep you entertained. no music. data all gone. if after repair, no laptop to sync stuff in. 

So, yeah. That’s why I am so upset right now. Sigh. 


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