I’ve finally gotten my new laptop! But seems like the graphic and wireless card is a little wanky. Waiting for Samsung to give me a call. Ahwell. Such is my luck with gadgets these days *shakes head*

With that said, I fell sick over CNY. Hahahah! Was THIS close to losing my voice too! Lucky I went to the doctor before that happened *phew* 53 bucks for consultation + 40 bucks for meds. Half of my hongbao money flew away -.-

Anyways, likey my cheongsam dress. Thanks for the recommendation, ber!

with the sister and cousins (excuse the oily face).

I think some things in me are slowly changing and I didn’t realised it until scarecrow made a certain comment on Friday.

I don’t exactly know how to put it but to make things simple, I guess…My walls are coming down. I’m no longer as defensive as I used to be.

But while the walls are softening, there’s also a little war waging inside. The reluctance.

Nah, won’t go into details. Head is feeling a little giddy. Going to rest.


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