what should i learn next?

Since 2010, a permanent new year resolution of mine has been to pick up a new skill. 2010 was photography and 2011 was Korean. Now that 2012 has arrived, I’m thinking about what I should learn. Hmm.

Option A: March on to Intermediate Korean!

Yes, I have completed 6 levels of Beginner Korean @ NUS Extension! Surprise surprise. There I was talking about giving up at Level 2 but in the end, I trudged all the way through. Partly thanks to wonderful classmates like Yiqi, Soek Mui and Lara (:

Now, I can’t say that I am an expert or I can fully understand Korean. I’m far from that. I’m also the weakest in my Level 6 class! But I can read Korean and understand (but very slowly) some basic Korean. I can ask for directions but I might not necessary understand the reply (still confused with the left, right, up, front, above etc). Hahaha!

So, should I continue to Intermediate Korean? That’s another 6 levels!

Option B: Pick up another language.

While my love for Korean has not dwindled, I thought it might be nice if I take a break from it. You know, go to the other side to see if the grass is really greener or what not.

I contemplated taking up French but seems like NUS Extension don’t offer French classes. There’s always Italian but other than working for an Italian boss @ Perlini’s Silver, I don’t exactly know how Italian sound like.

I did contemplate taking up Malay especially after my one day trip to Head Office last Thursday. If not for Hasbullah and Jamilah, we might not have made it in time for the flight back. Plus, the company might be willing to sponsor my course!

What do you think?

Option C: Pick up a musical instrument.

I think I am not very musically talented or inclined. I tried learning piano from the sister when I was young but gave up after realising that my fingers have to be stuck to certain keys. I did try to pick up guitar in Secondary 2 during music class. But I was hopeless. Everyone will be happily playing along and I will have my fingers ready at the last cord and play it 😛 Hehehe!

But I think I am ready to attempt again! I mean, it’s fun to challenge myself once in a while no? (:

I was thinking of picking up guitar. Relatively cheap instrument to acquire. Which means I can practice at home.

OR I was thinking of drums or gu zheng. But these instruments are expensive! Which means I can’t buy to practice at home.

So how now, brown cow?

Option D: Shut up and drive!

I’ve always said, “I will only pick up driving when I am able to afford a car!”

No, I still can’t afford a car but seeing how renting a car might be more convenient for family outings in the future, I thought it’s about time I pick up driving.

Yes, my dad knows how to drive but he’s old. Yes, my sister knows how to drive but the family is quite jittery about her driving skills.

While cabs are another option, I have had enough of cabs not appearing even though you have pre-booked them. Seriously?

So, maybe?

While I gave up learning “The Boys” halfway (the timing was off and there’s just too many breaks in-between lessons), I will still be taking up dance classes. I think.

Exploring the possibility of taking up private lessons. Hopefully that will happen. Cause I kind of enjoy learning K-Pop dance (:

Anyways, let me know! What should I do this year? Option A? Option A and B? Help?


2 thoughts on “what should i learn next?

  1. It depends on what you plan on using the language for. If you want to move on, you probably should have some justification for it.

    French is a beautiful language, you can consider the Alliance Francaise if you want to learn but I should warn you it is not cheap. http://www.alliancefrancaise.org.sg/ Italian can be learnt at the cultural centre at Novena Square, iirc. And it truly is a beautiful and highly romantic language, just ask Rinaz 😀 http://www.iic.org.sg/contact.html. I also wanted to learn Malay actually, but to do it in the UK is prohibitively expensive and a little silly, esp. when I can do it in Singapore.

    i’ve always wanted to learn the trumpet…

    Driving lessons are always useful! 😀

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