…dazzle them with your service.

In a nutshell: When you can’t solve a problem, keep your calm and professionalism. The customer might be so distracted that he/she might end up so impressed with your service that he/she don’t mind that you couldn’t help them.

Typed out what happened below. While typing out, I feel cheated >.<

On Sunday, the brother and I realised that we can’t use the internet. There’s “Limited Access” and we get kicked out of the network. So, I made the poor brother call Singnet even though he just came back from camp.

1.5 hours later, there was no conclusion. The problem solved itself. Internet access was restored. And the brother (who was easily satisfied) hung up.

Unwilling to let it rest (because it’s obviously a recurring problem!), I called the hotline again.

Now, this technician on the line…What can I say?

I called using my mobile but told him my home number so that he can check on the network. But instead, he came back and asked if I was checking on the internet access that is connected to my mobile.


After we got the account settled, he still seem clueless. Now, I assume that once you entered the network ID, asked for my address and home number, a CRM screen would have pop up detailing every customer interaction. So, this guy was probably trying to fob me off by giving me some half-hearted reply.

It was when I went, “You seem unclear. Are you telling me that your colleagues did not key the interaction they had with my brother previously? Why do you want to do all the steps that your colleagues already did?”

Think he perked up after that.

After which, he tried to tell me that one of the devices connected to our network must be using P2P. I told him that all laptops and mobile devices are off. So it’s not possible.

He repeated the same thing again. And I repeated again. The ding-dong continued for a few more rounds. He kept insisting that a device is using P2P but ALL devices are switched off!

I gave up and told him that since his colleagues suggested sending down a technician, then FINE. Send one down. But I told him if the technician only switch my modem on and off and can’t give me an explanation, I am going to be very disappointed.

Anyway, you know how sharp and sarcastic I can be when I am frustrated. But this guy remained calm and collected. His tone was the same throughout. He persisted in his answer even though it’s the wrong one-.-

I was so distracted and impressed by how calm he was that I forgot that he didn’t manage to help me at all -.- HAHAHA!

Ahwell. Anyway, need to rush back home tomorrow to let the technician in. Hopefully everything will be okay!


See you later, Korean?

It’s been 2 years since I started learning Korean. It took me 23 years before I really got down to learning Korean! And it didn’t disappoint (:

I have completed 6 levels of Beginner Korean @ NUS Extension. Spent a total of $2500. Intermediate Korean Level 1 starts on Wednesday and I have yet to decide if I want to take the class.

Like I said in my previous post, I can’t converse in Korean yet. I can decipher Korean words but it will take me quite a while. I am by far…the weakest in my class. So, should I continue?

This one month break from lessons has made me realised something.

I enjoy having the time to myself again. It has somehow become a habit for my sister, my mum and I to go to the market for dinner on Wednesdays. My mood is better on Wednesdays. The nagging voice in my head constantly asking me to do my homework and practice is gone.

But at the same time, I miss Korean. Seeing the random tweet by Elaine, by Siwon and realising that, “HEY! I UNDERSTAND!” makes me don’t want to stop learning. Because look at me now. I’ve picked up a new language! Who knows how soon it will be before I can start conversing? There’s so much more room to improve.

I don’t know. Maybe I just need some time (maybe a semester) away. Take a step back. Give myself some space.

Then again, if I skip this semester, I will have to take the class alone in the future 😦 Decision decision.

I miss the culture factor in lessons. We used to play games and wear hanbok. But now, there’s no games…In their place, we have teachers sitting in.

몰라! 몰라!  I guess I won’t know till Wednesday. Till then, I might be quite emo as I always am when I can’t decide about stuff 😛

thou shalt not comment on the food.

I’m a picky eater. There’s no other way of saying it. I don’t eat alot of stuff, mostly meat. Am I a vegetarian? Not quite.

I don’t eat all meat and seafood. But I do eat Fish n Chips,Filet O Fish, Nuggets and the occasional Chicken Rice. And when it comes to vegetables, I am also picky. Yes, I do eat ALL vegetables. But when given a choice, I rather stick to a few.

Last week, I attended a CNY lunch and silly me forgot to ask for vegetarian. So I sat there for the entire 8 course, eating only the dessert. After the event, the boss brought me to MacDonald’s so I can grab some food.

This colleague, who I’m meeting for the first time, seemed intrigued. She started asking loads of questions. I tried my best to explain. I can’t stand the thought. I don’t like the taste. I don’t know why I only eat meat in certain forms. Yes, I know those meat are killed in the same way. Yes, I stopped eating meat for a few years but started again because it helps to calm the mother.

But all these reasons didn’t seem to satisfy her. She kept going on and on. It feels like she wanted me to say, “Yes, you’re right. I will stop eating those meat.”

Having just sat through a lunch without eating, I am quite irrtable. So, I went, “Please stop asking. I know they are the same. But if you keep on asking, I will stop meat all together and my parents will start worrying. We don’t want that, do we?”

I mean, SERIOUSLY! I don’t stand over you and make you guilty for eating meat, do I? Sigh.

I’ve always been weary about eating out with people I’ve just met. It’s just hard. There’s no understanding my eating habits. Just accepting it.

I prefer eating with the usual suspects, the family and the girls. They are so used to my eating habits and to me that they know they can just order what they like, go where they want to and I will always find something that I can eat there. They know that the more they fuss, the more frustrated I get.

The colleagues are slowly getting it, I think. And I am always grateful when they try to factor in my preference when going for food.

Only people close to me knows how far they can push me in terms of trying new food. How to coax me and trick me into eating meat. Like how my mum slowly re-introduced soft-boiled eggs into my diet or how the usual suspects dared me into eating “hum” (eck).

I’ll always remember the time I stopped eating meat. I was around 4 or 5 and my grandpa had to run after me with a piece of fish coated in ketchup. And around 6 or 7, someone asked me why I stopped and I said –

I think it’s very cruel. Imagine the fish is just swimming happily in the sea with its family and then get killed :(“

So yes. DON’T ASK!

the new intern.

Alright. I am going to come right out and say this. I think I am highly insecure 😛

There’s an intern at our workplace who is helping us with some stuff. While I am very very very happy (GOODBYE,VIDEOS!), I did realised that at times I become a little defensive.

When all my colleagues are wow-ing over some stuff the intern did, I will be a little irritated. Note, I am not jealous. Just irritated. Because I feel a little taken for granted. Some of the stuff they were wow-ing at, are stuff that I do everyday >.< (

Oh and…I am a lot more critical when it comes to the intern’s work. A LOT MORE.

But you know. The moon is right, the planets are align etc etc. Because instead of letting this emotion get the better of me, I paused and thought about it. Reflected and the whole nine-yards.

I recognised and acknowledged the feeling. Asked questions and TADA! The answer is simple.

I should just GROW UP! Like seriously.

Instead of growing defensive and being irritated, I should learn from this new intern! He is much more tech-savvy than me. I should learn from him and level up skills! (: And when he has to leave and the ball gets thrown back into my court (choy! touchwood!), I will be better able (and less helpless) to do them!

Plus, I mean, there’s always something to learn from everyone, no? (:

So yup! After I 想通 , I felt so much better and I’ve already learnt something from him! WHEEE! 😀

As for the “taken for granted” feeling? Aiya! It’s just me feeling insecure 😛

PS: Some of you might think that it is career suicide to blog about this especially since the colleagues might read it. But, I am just being honest (: It’s how I feel and at least I’ve worked through it! And, I trust my colleagues. 

the “miracle”.

Something really bothered me at work yesterday. And I was telling my colleague that I was going to shoot out a nasty email.

As I was about to type send, I stopped, highlighted everything I typed and deleted them. FWAH!

The best part was….

I actually managed to be a little encouraging and yet get my point across (I hope).

Like seriously! OMG. I never do this kind of thing. BUY 4D, yo!

But I guess the bosses attitude is rubbing a little on me. When I was about to press send, I paused and asked myself, “Hmm. The bosses won’t do this ah. What will they do?”

And I remembered this email that Ms Hong sent out and I sort of “modelled” my reply to something similar to that.

HEHEHEHE! Well, let’s hope this is not just a once-off thing :PP


the parents.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile. But I don’t exactly know how to put them in words.

During CNY, while the siblings were talking and I was being miserably sick, I overheard the parents talking to each other. I guess I’ve never really bothered to listen to their conversation. But that day, I did and I was touched (?).

The conversation between them was nothing mushy. Instead, they were talking about the most random things. From the grams to work to neighbours to news to etc etc. And their conversation continued throughout the day as we travelled from place to place, stopping only for the occasional nap on trains or when one of us interrupted them.

I’m impressed really. I cannot imagine myself in their shoes. You know, the whole being stuck with another person thing.

It takes a lot to be married? I mean, you have to tolerate the person’s bad habits. For example, my dad has this habit of repeating everything the newscaster said. It irritates the 3 of us alot! But my mum just kind of filters it out. Sorry. I cannot. I will just RAWR out at the person.

Plus, being married (or in a relationship, I guess) means you can’t be BORED with each other. Ever. I can never be like my parents on CNY. Talking to each other the whole day and then the next day.

And I realised that my parents have gotten closer over the recent years. They have never gone out together alone until recent years. They were always either working or looking after us. They didn’t really have time for themselves or to build a common base of friends. I guess, being parents means that you have no time for yourself or your other half. Now that we are working or in the NS + dad’s shop has closed, they have more time for each other. Do activities together and know more people (:

I came home today and my mum made a comment –

(translated) It’s so weird to go to work today. Your dad has gone back to work so I’m alone at work again. There’s no one to talk to while I do my work. When I went to the storeroom, it was so quiet. So different!

It made me smile (:

I really dont think this post has achieved its purpose. I’ve failed to described this little realisation I have.

But I think I can safely say that I am still too 孩子气 for a relationship. YAYYY!!

And here’s to mum and dad (: