the “miracle”.

Something really bothered me at work yesterday. And I was telling my colleague that I was going to shoot out a nasty email.

As I was about to type send, I stopped, highlighted everything I typed and deleted them. FWAH!

The best part was….

I actually managed to be a little encouraging and yet get my point across (I hope).

Like seriously! OMG. I never do this kind of thing. BUY 4D, yo!

But I guess the bosses attitude is rubbing a little on me. When I was about to press send, I paused and asked myself, “Hmm. The bosses won’t do this ah. What will they do?”

And I remembered this email that Ms Hong sent out and I sort of “modelled” my reply to something similar to that.

HEHEHEHE! Well, let’s hope this is not just a once-off thing :PP



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