the parents.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile. But I don’t exactly know how to put them in words.

During CNY, while the siblings were talking and I was being miserably sick, I overheard the parents talking to each other. I guess I’ve never really bothered to listen to their conversation. But that day, I did and I was touched (?).

The conversation between them was nothing mushy. Instead, they were talking about the most random things. From the grams to work to neighbours to news to etc etc. And their conversation continued throughout the day as we travelled from place to place, stopping only for the occasional nap on trains or when one of us interrupted them.

I’m impressed really. I cannot imagine myself in their shoes. You know, the whole being stuck with another person thing.

It takes a lot to be married? I mean, you have to tolerate the person’s bad habits. For example, my dad has this habit of repeating everything the newscaster said. It irritates the 3 of us alot! But my mum just kind of filters it out. Sorry. I cannot. I will just RAWR out at the person.

Plus, being married (or in a relationship, I guess) means you can’t be BORED with each other. Ever. I can never be like my parents on CNY. Talking to each other the whole day and then the next day.

And I realised that my parents have gotten closer over the recent years. They have never gone out together alone until recent years. They were always either working or looking after us. They didn’t really have time for themselves or to build a common base of friends. I guess, being parents means that you have no time for yourself or your other half. Now that we are working or in the NS + dad’s shop has closed, they have more time for each other. Do activities together and know more people (:

I came home today and my mum made a comment –

(translated) It’s so weird to go to work today. Your dad has gone back to work so I’m alone at work again. There’s no one to talk to while I do my work. When I went to the storeroom, it was so quiet. So different!

It made me smile (:

I really dont think this post has achieved its purpose. I’ve failed to described this little realisation I have.

But I think I can safely say that I am still too 孩子气 for a relationship. YAYYY!!

And here’s to mum and dad (:



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