the new intern.

Alright. I am going to come right out and say this. I think I am highly insecure 😛

There’s an intern at our workplace who is helping us with some stuff. While I am very very very happy (GOODBYE,VIDEOS!), I did realised that at times I become a little defensive.

When all my colleagues are wow-ing over some stuff the intern did, I will be a little irritated. Note, I am not jealous. Just irritated. Because I feel a little taken for granted. Some of the stuff they were wow-ing at, are stuff that I do everyday >.< (

Oh and…I am a lot more critical when it comes to the intern’s work. A LOT MORE.

But you know. The moon is right, the planets are align etc etc. Because instead of letting this emotion get the better of me, I paused and thought about it. Reflected and the whole nine-yards.

I recognised and acknowledged the feeling. Asked questions and TADA! The answer is simple.

I should just GROW UP! Like seriously.

Instead of growing defensive and being irritated, I should learn from this new intern! He is much more tech-savvy than me. I should learn from him and level up skills! (: And when he has to leave and the ball gets thrown back into my court (choy! touchwood!), I will be better able (and less helpless) to do them!

Plus, I mean, there’s always something to learn from everyone, no? (:

So yup! After I 想通 , I felt so much better and I’ve already learnt something from him! WHEEE! 😀

As for the “taken for granted” feeling? Aiya! It’s just me feeling insecure 😛

PS: Some of you might think that it is career suicide to blog about this especially since the colleagues might read it. But, I am just being honest (: It’s how I feel and at least I’ve worked through it! And, I trust my colleagues. 


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