…dazzle them with your service.

In a nutshell: When you can’t solve a problem, keep your calm and professionalism. The customer might be so distracted that he/she might end up so impressed with your service that he/she don’t mind that you couldn’t help them.

Typed out what happened below. While typing out, I feel cheated >.<

On Sunday, the brother and I realised that we can’t use the internet. There’s “Limited Access” and we get kicked out of the network. So, I made the poor brother call Singnet even though he just came back from camp.

1.5 hours later, there was no conclusion. The problem solved itself. Internet access was restored. And the brother (who was easily satisfied) hung up.

Unwilling to let it rest (because it’s obviously a recurring problem!), I called the hotline again.

Now, this technician on the line…What can I say?

I called using my mobile but told him my home number so that he can check on the network. But instead, he came back and asked if I was checking on the internet access that is connected to my mobile.


After we got the account settled, he still seem clueless. Now, I assume that once you entered the network ID, asked for my address and home number, a CRM screen would have pop up detailing every customer interaction. So, this guy was probably trying to fob me off by giving me some half-hearted reply.

It was when I went, “You seem unclear. Are you telling me that your colleagues did not key the interaction they had with my brother previously? Why do you want to do all the steps that your colleagues already did?”

Think he perked up after that.

After which, he tried to tell me that one of the devices connected to our network must be using P2P. I told him that all laptops and mobile devices are off. So it’s not possible.

He repeated the same thing again. And I repeated again. The ding-dong continued for a few more rounds. He kept insisting that a device is using P2P but ALL devices are switched off!

I gave up and told him that since his colleagues suggested sending down a technician, then FINE. Send one down. But I told him if the technician only switch my modem on and off and can’t give me an explanation, I am going to be very disappointed.

Anyway, you know how sharp and sarcastic I can be when I am frustrated. But this guy remained calm and collected. His tone was the same throughout. He persisted in his answer even though it’s the wrong one-.-

I was so distracted and impressed by how calm he was that I forgot that he didn’t manage to help me at all -.- HAHAHA!

Ahwell. Anyway, need to rush back home tomorrow to let the technician in. Hopefully everything will be okay!



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