I Am Sm Town: Live World Tour

The first thought that struck me when I heard that SM was making this movie-concert thing was, “Meh. Another money-making attempt. CRAP!”

When Kim text me to ask if I wanted to go for the concert, I was rather indecisive. But somehow, I agreed and TADA! Off to the movie-concert I go…


What is it about? I AM tracks the journey of SM artists – from training to debut to their performance in Madison Square Garden. It’s about 2 hours long and features Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), Kangta and BoA.


Overall, the movie was quite awesome. Music that I already love. Performance that is awesome. Artists that I like. The screenplay is also great!

However, 2 hour is way too short to cover the 32 artists! For some artists, their screen time is only about 2 minutes? I think I barely saw Shindong! He only appeared in the beginning, at the end and during SJ’s performance. The same applies for Sooyoung and Sunny I think. If the movie is longer, it will be PERFECT! Also, for Siwonnies, Siwon did not go for SM Town New York so he only appeared for a short section. For the Eunhyuk lovers, you are gonna scream yourself silly in the cinema. He appeared many many many times! 

There’s loads of candid scenes too! There’s one where they showed the footage from the not-so-hidden camera and it was quite funny (: When Key was being interviewed, Taemin and Minho were playing X-Box in the background. They made so much noise that Key turned and yelled at them. Funneh! 

The concert-movie also showed some footage of the SM artists over the years. From their audition to their camera test to their training (think bad hairstyles and dressing) to their debut and to their current success. Quite entertaining. You will definitely laugh at the dorky side of your idols. I sure did! I saw how each artists have grown and the hard work they put in. I can’t help comparing the newer groups to groups like SJ and maybe even SNSD. The members really went through long period of tough training to be where they are today.

Because the concert-movie shows close up shots of the artists’ performance, I realised how hard some of their dance move is. I noticed steps that I didn’t notice before. 

At SNSD’s performance of Gee, I got quite distracted cause I realised Yuri’s jeans button was not buttoned! So for the rest of the performance, I was a) trying to spot if it’s the same for the rest and b) trying to see if the button burst or done on purpose. HAHAHAH! Came to no conclusion 😛

Also, towards the end of the concert-movie, they showed the behind-the-scenes of each group’s debut stage. A little touching! heee.

Quotes from the concert-movie:

Ryeowook: I was the only one who didn’t cry after our debut stage. I felt that I didn’t deserve it because the rest trained for at least 5 years while I only trained for 2 months. 

Siwon: SJ is like a high school you never graduate from *nods and look at camera*

[long period of silence. no response from PD]

Siwon: Am I being too serious again? *laughs and covers face*

Yesung: I couldn’t go to college because of money. It was the only way (joining SM Ent) for me. As long as they like me sing, I am happy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 popcorns. Go if there’s 2 or more SM artists that you like! Ending this post with my favorite man!



One thought on “I Am Sm Town: Live World Tour

  1. I enjoyed the movie as well! It was great to be able to know what they had went through and their thoughts from their debut days till now. Hyuk’s my bias! And he had really improved – be it appearance, singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing, etc. 😀

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