the case of the flickering light.

After watching HIMYM and Outsourced last night, I left the living room lights on and went to bathe.

When I came out, the light was flickering and I think I have found a new fear. FLICKERING LIGHTS.

These thoughts ran through my mind as I made the short distance from the bathroom to the living room –


“Okay. Just the lights. The living room light is spoilt.”

“This is scary.”

“Don’t be silly. It’s just the lights. You are a grown girl!”

“Scary. Should I wake the dad?”

“But there’s nothing much he can do when he wakes up! Don’t be ridiculous!”

At which point, I was already at the edge of the living room. Thinking if I should make a dash and go into my room. It’s quite scary cos the light was going on and off very quickly. You turned blind whenever the lights go off because your eyes dont have time to adjust to the darkness and before you know it, the lights goes on again and then dark again. It’s really quite hard to see. So anyway, the internal battle goes on.

“Okay. I can do this. There’s nothing there. Ready?”

“Maybe I should wake the dad.” 

“Oh, shut up. Just go!”

And with that, I walked pretty calmly to my room. Since the brother is back in camp and the sister is asleep, it got pretty scary when I was near my room. The entire area was dark. Scenes from horror movie kept flashing in my mind. I regretted trying to brave but it was too late to back out so I just dashed into my room and quickly switched on the lights. PHEW.

I went to check my phone and saw a message from my sister, “Shan, are you awake?” 

Apparently the flickering lights woke her up and she was pretty freaked out too.

So funny!  

ANYWAYS! Have left a message on the fridge for the parents..Just in case I forget tomorrow 😛 

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