skinny doesnt mean i can’t say i am fat or on a diet.

It seems like the entire world thinks that just because people are skinny, they don’t feel fat. That they don’t have the right to scream that they are fat. Or say that they are worried about their weight. Or that they are worried about having cellulite. And the list goes on.

AND! Because they think those thoughts above, they exclude you in conversation, they shush you away when they talk about certain stuff, they shut you up when you scream that you are full and that you have a tummy.

It’s true. Take it from me. I have suffered and experienced numerous times in my life. Different phases of my life.

Well, listen up folks!

Skinny people do get tummy.

Everyone has a tummy after eating alot. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or tall or fat or round or short or white or black or beige.

Yes. Our tummies may not be the same size as you but HEY! We are not comparing sizes here. We are just stating a fact. Our stomach is so packed with food that it is now protruding. It is unfair for you to ignore and shush us up.

Skinny people do get fat.

Fact: Skinny people do get fat.

Yes, we may have some awesome genes (thanks to our parents) but it doesn’t mean we don’t get fat. If we eat alot or binge, WE GET FAT.

Case in point. I put on 10kg after I started work because there was so much food around in the office. I was eating and eating and eating. My weight jumped from 45kg to 55kg in about a month! The tummy area was bulging and my arms were flabby. I was fat. People around me also noticed that.

Cellulite affects skinny people too. It affects young people too. 

Google it.


Skinny people have the right to exclaim out loud when they put on weight.

Yes, I know. When skinny people put on weight, it is supposedly a good thing because we are now finally on our way to being normal. But, just like how weight gain is not pleasant for normal people, it is also not pleasant for us.


I am falling asleep while I type this so going to conclude cos I cant think. Will add on as an when.


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