2 years on! (:

Yesterday marked my 2 year ‘anniversary’ with my current company. Time flies! I can still remember writing my post about my first day of work, being immediately plunged into video making, working till 11pm on my 3rd day, falling sick with high fever on my 5th day and how Alice made me “pao sheng” cos I insisted on staying.

I also remember my first impression of everyone. I didn’t quite like it there back then. I think I kept telling the boys that I want to quit then Thomas left and CS left and ZOOM! 2 years passed.

This past 2 years, I see my idea becoming a reality. I initially suggested doing the idea internally but through discussions, it somehow became an external event. And just recently, it was heartening to see the idea being complimented by a customer on STOMP. Yes, it’s a website that is bordering on being a tabloid but HEY! I am not going to be picky.

The colleagues feel like family members. And like normal families, we fight and stuff but the important thing is, we don’t bear grudges. That’s what is important! Sometimes I do get jaded and feel left out (I’m like that) but the bosses and colleagues who will be there to reassure me.  My CEO is really personable. Just that day, I had a chat with her about Galaxy S3! Now how many of you has ever done that with your CEO? 😛

My family doctor likes to ask me if I am staying at the company because of the bonuses. And everytime, without fail..I will tell him, “No. I like the culture there. People and relationships are very important to me. The company has exactly what I am looking for.”

If I can say this…For once, I feel the slightest bit being taken care of (:

Life 2.0. That’s what I called it 2 years back. 2nd job and 2nd chance at life.

While tidying up my jungle of a desk, I found my organiser from 2010. Inside, I found traces of the old sad self. I was trying so darn hard to be happy back then. Yes, that part of me will (and still) haunts me now and again. I will still get sad and my walls will start building up. I might have gotten over whatever that caused me to be THAT upset but being sad has sort of become a disposition.

I think being with my colleagues makes it easier for me to laugh and makes me realised stuff. Look at things differently.

I may complain alot about work sometimes. I may sound like I hate it.

But I think at the end of the day, I know I am lucky. I am not trying to “por” anyone here. This is really how I feel.

Anyway, CHEERS to 2 years! It may not seem like a lot to you but this is the longest stint for me. And I am proud of myself! Hopefully there’s many more to come (:

Just in case you are curious…No, I haven’t given up my childhood dream of being a teacher. 




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