the stalker and the stalkee.

I’m quite freaked out about  just now. Need to let off some ‘steam’ so that I can relax and blogging seems to be the perfect way.

Stepped into the clinic near my house today and there was this other guy waiting. I chose the seat furthest away from him and plonk myself down. When I looked up, he was standing in front of me and asked, “Not feeling well ah?”

Was a little slow and shock so I went, “Yah.” I ignored him and proceed to keep my coins. He went to the seat next to me and asked, “Not reading this newspaper?” I said no and not long after, it was his turn to see the doctor.

After he was done, he came out and approached me. I kept my eyes on my phone and when I heard the “beep” sound, I dashed in to see the doctor. Avoiding the weird guy.

I had a nice talk with the doctor because I think he was the one who saw me when I first joined my company and came home sick. It was about 5 minutes later when I came out. Guess what?

The guy was there. He was hovering at the brochures stand and reading some stuff. When I opened the door, his head shot up. As if he was waiting.

While I was waiting to collect my medicine, the guy went to the nurses and asked some stuff about his medicine. Even when his question was answered, he lingered around the waiting area. Taking great care to keep his medicine. Putting it in his bag, taking it out and putting it back in.

Didn’t think much about his behavior until after I got my medicine.

I thanked the nurses and on my way out, the guy quickly stuffed his medicine into his bag. From my peripheral vision, I saw him running towards the door. Sensing that something is not right, I walked super quickly.

Thinking that I may be paranoid, I pretended to stop outside another clinic with glass door. Guess what? The guy stopped too. I could see his reflection in the glass. And when I walked quickly, he did too. When I slowed down, he did too.

Panicking, I text my colleagues and then called my mum. Thank god, she was home! I whispered and told her to meet me.

Meanwhile, the guy was still behind. I think he knows that I realised he was following me. So when I pretended to stop behind a group of students outside McDonalds, he sped forward.

Thinking that it was the end, I continued to walk behind him. When I saw him waiting to cross the road, I relaxed. But WRONG! Even when the road was clear, he did not cross!

When I walked passed him and was walking towards the zebra crossing, he followed. At that point, I was freaked out and started running.

I don’t know when he stopped following me. But the last I saw him, he was about to cross the zebra crossing. I also met my mum not long after I crossed the zebra crossing.

I don’t know. This is like the 3rd or 4th time I have been stalked in the past 3-4years. Twice at night, twice in bright daylight. And then there’s the flasher.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just being paranoid. But….There was once I pretended to be waiting for a bus and the guy waited for me. When I realised he was waiting, I started walking again and he did too! Not paranoid right?

All those time, I have been quite lucky. I met my friend who was jogging, I managed to get into a lift before the stalker caught up, I ran into aunties my parents’ know. Seriously. Is it me?

Don’t know. Now that I have typed it out, at least the urge to cry is gone.

Fuck this. I am strong. Going to go and read my Fifty Shades.


4 thoughts on “the stalker and the stalkee.

  1. Hi Huishan, stumble upon your blog post in fb just now, no offense i’m no stalker!! 🙂 Anyway i was thinking since we live in the same neighborhood and from the description i know where you are been stalked, IF you are comfortable, i can leave my hp no to you via fb and last resort, you can approach me for help if you ever encounter this kinda unpleasant things again(touch wood lah)… No worries if you are not uncomfortable about it. Just lending a helping hand~ PSL spirit!!! lol

  2. Hi Shanny. *hugs* i hope you never encounter such a thing again. if you do, just take out your handphone and pretend to be talking to the police. it might scare the stalker away. keep safe =)

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