not apple to apple.

I’m just taking a guess here. But I think this is how the figures are deduced. Not by me btw.

Venue A: 3 sessions per week, 4 sessions each for girls/boys/combined. $3200

Venue B: 1 session per week, 8 sessions combined. $1200

Cost of Extra Lessons:

($3200 – $1200) / 4 = $500 per class

Conclusion: Venue A is more expensive and charges $500 per extra class. Venue B is more affordable and promised to charge $20 per extra class.


Okay, pricing for Venue B is just a guess. From my brief conversation, I think that’s what was confirmed.

I googled Venue B and the only review was bad. The other was about how the Venue is a bad paymaster.

Venue A has no reviews but has media coverage and been in several competition.

Yes, I may be biased towards Venue A. But honestly, this is not a fair comparison is it? While cost is important, can we please also think about quality? At the end of the day, we are the ones being made monkeys of.

I am going to sleep on this matter. But I think if I can’t be assured that it is an apple to apple comparison, I am not going to be a monkey.


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