all that white hair.

I am starting to wonder if I should determine how close a friend is by their reaction to my white hair.

I mean, if it’s close friends like the girls or even Scotchey, their reaction will probably be:

Wah! Your white hair are multiplying! So many!

And if you are not so close a friend, you will probably be going :

OMG! You have white hair?!

I think if you have known me for several years (especially during JC/uni days), you will¬†know that I have white hair. It’s hereditary and in my genes. My dad had white hair since he was in secondary school. Mine started a little later. And of course, it skipped my sister (lucky ass!).

The rate of growth of the white hair seem to quicken when I study. During the past 2 years, I can go without touch up for about 2-3 months but recently, after mugging for my CFP Module 1 paper, the hair are like sprouting out. It’s so bad that I can see them in my photos. AND I JUST DYE MY HAIR A MONTH AGO!

Meh. Time to go for a  touch up soon *hears protest from my iSAVvy account*

And while I don’t care much about appearance (of myself and of others), I really don’t appreciate people grilling me about it. Like, it’s my genes! What else do you want me to say? That my X chromosome and Chromosome ___ are at odds with each other so that’s why I have white hair?


And yes, this post was inspired by an actual incident. I am beginning to think that I am spending too much time with a certain friend. Right.