Happy Employees’ Day!!

I really don’t know it started. Maybe it was during one of the many discussions that we had. Or maybe it was because we realised how an once-off event seem to be so popular. Or maybe, it was from one of “my” suggestion that was pushed external and now being pushed internally.

Whatever it is, it is happening.

Happy Employees’ Day, my fellow colleagues!
Have a break and get pretzy!! (:

The journey of planning and working towards this day was tough. Going through the long list of names and then segregating them by location and unit. Thinking of what to give. Going through that long list of names again because we realised there were mistakes. Having to reconsider what to give. Packing. Going through the list again. Packing. Delivery. Some tears were shed (mine :P). Some awkwardness appeared.


I really don’t think there needs to be a reason as to why we are having this day. It’s just a simple action to brighten everyone’s day (: Those who knows me have experienced my random ‘gifting’ moments will understand this 😛

Also, treat it like an internal friendship day! Take a break, gather around with your colleagues, take photos (yes, it’s kinda compulsory!), talk.

Colleagues are after all the people whom you spend most of your weekday with. And they are the ones who can make your day. And, they are one of the few who will be there for you when days are tough. So, press Windows Key + L and enjoy that box of Pretz with your colleagues (:

To my colleagues, thank you for helping to plan this event! Especially to Viv who came down and guided us through centre to distribute the goodies (: To the co-ordinators for each units, thank you for helping (yes, I am going to start hounding you soon!) 😛

And to Chromatics and First Food, thank you for delivering the goodies so quickly to us!

Munch away!!!



just because i’m young…

Just need to get it off my chest.

Just because I’m young, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t done all those “crazy” things that you “old” people have done in your “younger” days.

There, I’ve said it.

Most people that I’ve met post-mid 2009 seems to think that I’m a boring “old” fart. I’m not kidding. I go home after work every day, I clean my room every week, I change my bedsheets every month, I save 20% of my pay, I don’t splurge, I don’t go to clubs, I don’t have happening activities on the weekend. Reading these ‘activities’, I really don’t blame them for thinking that I’m boring.

But the thing is…Just because I am boring now, doesn’t mean that I didn’t have my fair share of youth-gone-wild activities.

I have had my fair share of madness. Clubbing, changing in a moving vehicle, staying out till late blah blah blah.

I’ve done enough of your so-called “crazy” things in just one year. That was also the year that changed me. My personality. My behavior. It was also the year I was forced to grow up. I’ve experienced in a year what some may never even experienced in their lifetime.

I don’t like to share that part of my life because I know you ‘old’ people will judge me. And I like to keep things private.

My current lifestyle is by choice. Also, it is an aftermath of that silly year.

So excuse me if I feel frustrated enough to write this post. Excuse me if I get angry when people say, “Oh. You have never done all these crazy stuff before. What do you know?”