just because i’m young…

Just need to get it off my chest.

Just because I’m young, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t done all those “crazy” things that you “old” people have done in your “younger” days.

There, I’ve said it.

Most people that I’ve met post-mid 2009 seems to think that I’m a boring “old” fart. I’m not kidding. I go home after work every day, I clean my room every week, I change my bedsheets every month, I save 20% of my pay, I don’t splurge, I don’t go to clubs, I don’t have happening activities on the weekend. Reading these ‘activities’, I really don’t blame them for thinking that I’m boring.

But the thing is…Just because I am boring now, doesn’t mean that I didn’t have my fair share of youth-gone-wild activities.

I have had my fair share of madness. Clubbing, changing in a moving vehicle, staying out till late blah blah blah.

I’ve done enough of your so-called “crazy” things in just one year. That was also the year that changed me. My personality. My behavior. It was also the year I was forced to grow up. I’ve experienced in a year what some may never even experienced in their lifetime.

I don’t like to share that part of my life because I know you ‘old’ people will judge me. And I like to keep things private.

My current lifestyle is by choice. Also, it is an aftermath of that silly year.

So excuse me if I feel frustrated enough to write this post. Excuse me if I get angry when people say, “Oh. You have never done all these crazy stuff before. What do you know?”



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