petty or not?

I don’t place alot of emphasis on my birthday. Really. My most “happening” birthday was at age 9 and 21?

To me, my birthday is really just another day. In terms of celebration, it’s really the thought that counts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything. A simple cake or a simple meal will make me happy! As long as the thought is there, it’s the BEST birthday ever. Like last year. A cake with the family, followed by a dinner with the girls.

I don’t know if I am petty but my mum really pushed me to my limits this year. This was what she told me yesterday –

Mum: For your birthday, you order Pizza ok? I pay lah. We eat birthday noodles on Sunday.

I was really too shocked to say anything so I just made some kind of noise and agreed. After some thinking last night, I thought of a perfect solution and told her.

Me: Why not we have noodles on my actual day since I will be home?

Mum: No. Sunday I have more time.

Me: Okay. Then can you get sis to order the pizza instead?

Mum: You order lah. I pay you.

And just like that, she walked away. OMG.

I don’t know. But really. I rather that she don’t do anything on my birthday and just buy me a cake than this!

I know my parents don’t know how to order from Pizza Hut so maybe that’s why she asked me to. But excuse me, the last I check, I have 2 siblings?
Or at least give me the food items that you want? Ask me to show you the website and tell me what you want?

Plus, what’s up with the “I pay you” part? Come on, man! There’s no thought in this ‘celebration’ at all! The thought is probably “It’s Huishan’s birthday. I spend money = she will be happy.”

And the siblings. The sister was sitting next to us when my mum first told me to order Pizza on my own. She didn’t even offer to help. Nuggets. FYI, I cracked my head to think of new places to bring them on each of their birthday ok?!

To think I wanted to bring the family out and treat them to dinner for my birthday. FORGET IT.

Anyway, I am going to give 2 options tomorrow – noodles or 雷茶 on my birthday. She cooks 雷茶 on weekdays all the time so I don’t see how she will have no time.

Why do I have the feeling that she says she has no time because of her karang guni ‘business’? 😦 


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