Planning a trip to Seoul! – Part 2a

Part 2: Navigation – Is this near to that?

Before I downloaded this app, you will see me analysing and scrutinising the subway map every morning before leaving the hotel. Scribbling notes on which subway station to get down at, which line to change to and which exit to get out of.

But since ber introduced this app to me on our April trip to Seoul, things are so much easier!

But first…

Subways in Seoul

If you think our MRT network is complicated and the distance between NEL and EWL is far, you really need to head to Seoul 😛

With that said, the walk between each Line may be long, it’s not boring though. There’s loads of travellators and there are shops. Yes, SHOPS! Shops selling handphone cases, grocery, donuts, sweets and I even found Face Shop in one of the stations in Seoul and Busan!

Yes, all these inside the station. You don’t have to tap out.

To take the subways in Seoul, all you need is the t-money! It works exactly like our ezLink but better! You can use it to take the buses, the subways, the cabs and even use it to puchase stuff! I likey!

t-money is available at all train stations and convenience stores @ approximately 2,500 won. Just look for this big blue machine at the train stations, choose English and follow the steps on the machine.

buy and top up your t-money!

buy and top up your t-money!

The design of the t-money card you buy at this machine is rather standard. Nothing special. For some fancy designs, you can try the convenience stores like G25 and 7-11. You can get t-money handphone accessory! Slightly more expensive though.

hello kitty t-money credits: ttmik

Note: t-money can be used in other states like Busan subways/buses, Gyeongju Buses, Jeju Island Buses, Incheon subways etc.

For the non-frequent Seoul travellers

Instead of getting the t-money, you might want to consider getting the M-Pass Card or the Seoul City Pass (: They are priced between 10,000 won to 59, 500 won.

Personally, I’ve never used the M-Pass Card or the Seoul City Pass before. I think these cards are only available at Incheon airports tourist counter and convenience store.

These passes gives you 20 free rides per day on all subway lines/bus (for M-Pass); limited subway lines (Seoul City Pass). After you have exhausted the 20 free rides for the day, you can top up the cards to continue using it like a normal t-money card.

The validity of the card will depend on how many days you stay in Seoul. You can purchase cards ranging from 1-7 days (M-Pass) and 1-3 days (Seoul City Pass).

Personally, I won’t choose this cos I don’t think I take 20 rides in a day :p Plus, these passes MUST be returned to the sales location or you lose your deposit *yawn*  Hehehe.

For more information about t-money and the passes available, you can click here.

Note: There’s a Seoul City Pass Plus as well. It functions just like t-money, but you can only use it in Seoul. I think that’s what I have now. NOOOOOO! *note to self: buy fancy t-money next trip* I never did refund the card and keep using it on my trips (:

Some other random stuff about the subways

There’s tons of stairs and not much escalators OR lifts in the Seoul subways. I’m serious! This must be why most Koreans have nice legs :p Here’s one flight of stairs that I had to climb everyday to get back to my hotel –

happy climbing.

The app that I am going to explain in detail in my next post will help to minimise the walking and climbing!

Last thing about the Seoul subway (or Korea subway) that I like is…instead of just showing you the ETA of the next train, they show you where the train is at…

one stop away!

And they play a tune when the train is arriving. Quite useful really if say you are at the top of the escalator and you hear the tune. RUN, PEOPLE. RUN! 😛

Alright, I digress. Next post will introduce the amazing app! (: Back in a day or two!

*If you have any suggestions or find that the information I’ve provided is not correct, do let me know! (:


4 thoughts on “Planning a trip to Seoul! – Part 2a

    • Hi Valerie. I didn’t get round to doing the 2nd post. Just search for “Korean Subway” in either Apple App Store or Google Play (: it’s the app with the white train and blue background.

  1. Hi, claudswu 🙂 im a bit confused.. could you please explain what does 20 rides means? 1 ride means from 1 station the the subsequent station? xD thanks a lot!!!

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