Cycling by the Han River (:

Now that summer is here, I thought I would better get this post out. Yes, I realised my last “Planning a Trip to Seoul” series has stopped 2-3 weeks ago and I have left a huge ‘cliffhanger’. I promised to get back to it soon. Just that it’s such a long post, I don’t know where to begin :p

But yes! Summer has descended upon Korea (: Though it has been raining quite a bit these days (according to my weather application) ;p

ANYWAYS! Sunny days will be there soon and if you (like me and ber) have a wish to cycle by the Han River, I hope this post will be helpful (:

We didn’t dare to tell each other.

While planning for our trip to Seoul in April, the both of us didn’t dare to tell each other that we wanted to cycle by the Han River. We were afraid that we will be thought as crazy. Yes, when I told my colleagues ex-colleagues that I wanted to cycle by the Han River, their reaction was, “Serious? What for?”

So when both of us finally found the courage to tell each other, it went something like…

Me: OMG! Me too!

ber: I was afraid that you will think I am crazy.

Me: Me too!

ber: that’s why you are my oldest friend!

So, that’s how the story goes (:

Our research brought us almost nowhere 😦

To kick off our planning for the trip, I went down to KTO during lunchtime one day and on top of picking up the regular guidebook, I also picked up the “Riverside Bike Trails in Korea” guide.

the one on the left.

The guidebook was helpful in the following ways –

  • It list out the distance for each trail + how long it will take
  • The theme of each trail
  • What to expect along each trail
  • The difficulty level

The thing is, they were for ‘serious’ bikers. We wanted something more casual. Rent a bike, cycle around for an hour or two and that’s it. But the trails in the guide feels quite ‘hardcore’. It also didn’t say much about bicycle rental. Sigh.

So we turned to trusty Google and found this. We gathered that there’s bike rental at Yeouido and that’s the only information we had when we went to Seoul.

Directions to the bike rental

1. Take the subway to Yeouinaru Station (Line 5 – Purple Line)

2. Look for Exit 3 (stairs) or Exit 4 (escalator/lift).

If you exit by Exit 4, you will have to cross the street. On the other hand, if it’s Exit 3, you will be on the side of the river/park (: Here’s what the surrounding look like. You will see a small ‘eatery’ and ‘mama shop’.

View from Exit 3. Exit 2 is right in front. (Image from Google Street View)

View from Exit 4. Exit 3 is right in front.
(Image from Google Street View)

3. Facing the river, turn to the right and walk straight.

You will pass by some small street stalls and “Yeouido Information Centre“.

Yeouido Information Centre  (Image from Google Street View)

Yeouido Information Centre
(Image from Google Street View)

4. Keep walking straight and you will see a playground.

Image from

5. And a short distance from the playground, you will see the bike rental place (:

You can’t miss it! The bikes are so colorful and displayed very neatly!

the bike rental shop.

the bike rental shop.

Bike Rental Information

Bicycle rental is about 3,000 won per hour (single person) or 6,000 won per hour (2 person bike). I think it’s about 500 won for every 30 minutes thereafter. Opening hours starts from 9am and closing hour defers depending on the month.

Remember to bring a valid photo ID.

I would suggest leaving your IC there instead of your passport though. When we returned our bike, the uncle there gave us a China passport -.- So just to be on the safe side, keep your passport with you and leave either your IC or driving license or student pass. Because, if you lose your IC, you just have to report it loss when you are back in Singapore. But if you lose your passport, you can’t come home. Eeeps!

The bikes are really pretty and look exactly like those in the drama ;p I couldn’t decided between a white or a pink bike *bimbo* Chose pink in the end cos it matched my shoes.

bimbo mode: on

Where we cycled?

We weren’t very adventurous so we cycled for about an hour.

If you follow the bike path and cycle to the right (facing the river), you will see the place where “Lie to Me” was shot. Remember the scene where Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwang were in the swan boat and she jumped into the river to “save” someone? TADA!

the swan boat rental place.

You can rent a boat and pedal out into the Han River (: But we weren’t that adventurous and the rental place was not opened. Heh.

We did a U-turn after passing this place as the path got ‘serious’ with tall lalangs (?) growing at the side. So we U-turned and cycled down.

We passed by several bridges (: And generally, just enjoyed the breeze and the scene.

urbanisation is so close yet so far away.

one of the bridge/expressway we passed.

As the hour was almost up, we stopped at this Glass Dome thing that reminded me of “The Fullerton Pavillion”.  ANYWAYS! There’s a nice swing there so we paused and took some pictures. The swing is apparently a photo zone. The only one we saw. Perhaps if we had keep cycling, we would have seen more! (:

the photo zone.

the photo zone.


The Koreans really have 情趣. As we were leaving the park, we saw several office workers bringing their lunch to the park.

I used to work by the Singapore River and I don’t even do that! But yeah. The Koreans packed their lunch and brought them to the park to eat. So nice right? (:

Other useful information

While preparing for this post, I discovered some other useful information. WHY DIDN’T I SEE THEM EARLIER!

From Discovering Korea – Cruising the Hangang on a Bicycle
(Do check out the rest of the blog. It’s quite informative!)

From KTO – Bicycle Trials in Seoul 
(It contains the information from the guide I was talking about. Do note that the guide provides information on how to cycle to neighbouring province and to Busan as well.)

So yups!(: That’s it from me!

it was easier back then.

I don’t remember unemployment being so…tough.

I remembered staying up late, blogging, sleeping in and watching loads of videos. But this time, unemployment doesn’t seem to agree with me.

Maybe because I am used to the hustle and bustle of working life. Not used to having so much time on hand. Not used to having to watch my expenditure. And I think the thing that is bugging me the most is…not being able to contribute to the household. My parents are not getting any younger and suddenly having to throw the utilities bills back to them, cutting back on their allowance. It’s the toughest for me.

I can’t help but feel like a liability. Yes, for a person who pride herself for being the sensible one in the family, the inability to contribute is killing me.

And I think it’s starting to show in the way I behave. I am becoming more anal about stuff. Picking on them about the little things. Yes, I do the same thing when I was working but I was much more relaxed about it. Now, I will make sure they do what I say or I will nag and nag. Some of you may have seen the rants on Twitter and Facebook. Rants about the ants, the daily necessities running out and the works. And I am becoming a worry wart.

Basically, it’s the usual me but amplified T_T

Sometimes, I wonder what it would have been like if my one-month no-pay leave was approved and I didn’t have to quit to give myself that much needed break. To break out of the burnt out cycle. But yes, that chapter is closed. I walked away with a wonderful experience, made some awesome colleagues turned friends and many lessons learned (:

Of course, I am not complaining. Or regretting my decision. I’m not! This kind of break is hard to come by in adult life.

I am enjoying my me-time. Waking up in the morning, reading, watching tv, nap and then more reading. It’s nice (: I finally finished reading the books that I couldn’t finished when I was working. I am finally watching shows that I would have skipped otherwise. And….I AM WRITING AGAIN 😀 Not just here but the little stories I used to write in my ipod touch. Hehehe!

And I don’t know if it’s an illusion. But honestly, I am learning Korean better now. I have more patience to read a passage over and over again until I can understand the words. I no longer turn to Google Translate. I managed to read my reading assignment without having to translate anything *pats self on back*

I am looking to volunteer at places near my house. Perhaps tutoring for the low income families or something along the line (:

Just needed to get these thoughts off my mind. I have been feeling inadequate this past week and I hate that feeling. Writing this post is a way of helping me process my thoughts. I’m good! (:

Back to my books and shows 😀 Oh yes, job hunting too! (:

my trusty companions (:

my trusty companions (:

dad’s funny (but accurate) comment.

Just a very random post.

After coming home from the family gathering last night, I borrowed the sister’s laptop and logged onto xinmsn to watched this week’s episode of “Fabulous Boys”. I casually told my mum (who was getting ready for bed) that I am watching the show. I thought she will say she has an early day tomorrow…but she came and joined me instead! HAHA!

So, there we both were at 11.30pm, staring at the little screen in the living room.

watching the show.

watching the show.

At about 12.15am, the dad walked passed us and he made a comment, “You always fall asleep when watching TV. Staring at a small screen has the opposite effect hor?”

HAHAHA! I didn’t even realised it but it’s true! Usually, 15-30 minutes into a show, the mum would have fallen asleep on the sofa. But today, she was wide awake for the entire show. Hehe. Maybe we should switch to a smaller TV 😛

Anyways, it seems like I am getting too used to being alone at home. When I went to the family gathering yesterday, I felt a little overwhelmed. Everyone was talking everywhere. In the end, I just kept to myself and played with the niece.

Ahwell. Enjoy the silence while I can (: Because who knows when the next break will be right?

It’s been a month.

Unknowingly,  it’s been a month since I left my job. Seems ironic that I met some ex-colleagues for lunch today. Almost as if I am celebrating the one-month mark.

Met Vincent Lee and Ziqiang for lunch. The combination is a little off but somehow I am glad that in my 3years, I have made friends like them. Aww.


I have no idea why but I have been rather busy this past month. There was the hazy week where I was running around like a headless chicken looking for masks, going JB and dance practice. Then came the week of major cleaning at home (CLUTTER FREE!). Then 2 weeks of mugging for my CFP Module 4 exam (still have a love-hate relationship with finance).

And somehow, just like that, a month passed.

Am I rested?  Not really. But I guess with the unemployment, I can see what I want in life abit more clearly. Had a little time to “find” back a bit of the wide-eyed girl who knew what she wanted.

Of course, in this one month, I met some incredible interviewers. I’m glad I met these people for my first “foray” back into the employment market. So, thank you (:

Now that CFP exams are over, I can finally put a proper closure to my previous chapter in life. Onwards and upwards!

Korean classes has started again and I took up Genie dance class alone (: see! I wouldn’t have done that if I was still working. Would have had too much worry. But now, I am learning and trying to embrace YOLO.

Alrighty!  Going to go for my nail appt! No, they are from a package I signed 2 yrs back. No money for such stuff now :p

If you have any job opportunities, link me up ok? (:


Scooting to Scoot (:

I think I was about 11 years old when one of my dad’s customer (who was an SIA cabin crew) came to me in the shop and told me that I should consider being a cabin crew when I grow up. And since then, the idea has kinda stuck.

Over the years, I buried that idea because of fear, scars and god-knows-what reason. But since I left my previous job 3 weeks ago, this idea started manifesting itself. So when I saw Scoot’s post on their Facebook, I applied. I mean, YOLO right? (:

Why Scoot?

I like Scoot’s attitude. Or should I say, “Scootitude”? From their response to 9Gag –

Credits: 9Gag Singapore

To the official apology from their Head off Commercial during the recent boo-boo (do you know how hard it is to get the management to apologise and on Facebook too?)…

Credits: FlyScoot

Credits: FlyScoot

And to their advertisements and marketing etc etc. So yes, Scoot it is! It sounds like a fun and vibrant place to be (:

When I received the call to head down for an interview, I had cold feet. I text-ed the usual suspects and these guys told me to, “…just Scoot yourself to the interview first lah!” So, off I go!

Scoot Assessment Centre

Yes, that’s what they call their cabin crew interview session. The assessment centre was at Amara and there are about 4.5 stages that you have to go through on the day itself.

Stage 0.5: The Height/Weight and Scar Test

After registeration, I was given a file and lanyard with my application number (A42, woohoo!) and name. My height was measured and arms were checked for scars.

The slight scar on the back of my right hand passed the check! (: It seems like I am the only person bothered by it. The lady who saw my scar went, “That’s nothing!” Hahaha! Made me smile ^^

Stage 1: The Aptitude Test

It’s like sitting for a very condensed version of SAT test. There’s a total of 3 ‘papers’ about 10 minutes each. I think the 3 ‘papers’ are on Verbal Reasoning, Numerical and Non-Verbal.

Ivan, the HR manager, took us through 3 examples for each paper before the paper officially starts.

Warning: Don’t take your own sweet time! I didn’t have enough time to finish my first paper (Verbal Reasoning) because I dilly-dally-ed and couldn’t make up my mind. Had to make some quick judgement and deduction at the last 1.5 minutes. I finished my Numerical paper way ahead of time though (no surprise there:P) and barely finished the Non-Verbal paper.

Tip: Don’t leave any blanks. If you can’t decide on the answer, move on. Come back to it later!

Interlude: The presentation & Results

After all 3 papers were completed, the Head of Cabin Services gave a little presentation about what it entails to be a Scootee, the expected salary and introduced Scoot to us. We were also shown the corporate video. I didn’t know Scoot put up so many dances at the airport >.< Jjang!

Anyways, after the presentation, the marking was done and results were announced.

I think the results are based on percentile because I saw that box on the aptitude test paper 😛

Anyways, a handful of applicants were dropped 😦 But HURRAH! I made it through!

Stage 2: The Group Discussion

After the announcement of results for Stage 1, we were ushered to another room for the next stage of the assessment. As we entered the room, we were randomly divided and assigned to different tables.

I’m not allowed to tell you what the Group Discussion topics are but basically there are two rounds. After the first round, we were reassigned again to another table. Which, in my opinion is quite fair! Group dynamics might be different! Honestly? I preferred my second group :p

ANYWAYS! We were told to clip our lanyard on our collars so that they are more visible to the assessors. I think there’s about 1 assessor per table. Kudos to them because once group discussion started, it was chaos. Heh.

I think at this stage, they are trying to find out how we behave in groups. Are you a creator? A contributor? A leader? A filler? The lalalander?

Personally I think, each of us tend to behave differently in different groups. For example, in the first group, I think I was more of a follower and communicator (and a pushover). However, in the second group, I was more of a leader (thick skin!) but a little pushy.

Tip: Don’t hold back or go all out. Just be yourself. Go with the flow.

Stage 3: The Individual Presentation

The wait for the result of Stage 2 is super duper duper long. Luckily the TP interns in my 2nd group were fun to talk to. Phew. It was about 3 hours since the start. Most of us were getting hungry until….They gave us Oreo and chocolates! OM NOM NOM! Hehe!

About 30 minutes, the result for Stage 2 was out! I think about 4-6 people were dropped. I think my heart skipped a bit whenever they go, “…A…Forty….” Praying and hoping that it’s not my number. But YAYY!

We were once again assigned to a different table. A different group again! 😀

Alrighty. Individual presentation has to be the most nerve wrecking portion for me. I had to stand in front of a table of about 10 people to present on a topic. It’s been awhile since I presented to strangers. Yes, I do branch visits and briefings but that’s different! I know the branch folks!

I kept telling myself, “Okay. You aced all your comms presentation. No reason for you to be nervous, yo!”

Basically, we were supposed to draw a piece of paper out of an envelope then each of us are given 2 minutes to think about that topic. So when someone is giving their 2 minute presentation, the next person will look at the piece of paper (containing the topic) that they have drawn and start preparing.

The topics are not hard. Honestly. I can’t review them but they are really simple (: They are mainly topics that you will touch on when you first met someone or when you set up a matchmaking profile?

Think at this stage, I think they are trying to see how fast you can think on your feet, your confidence and how you present yourself (body language, tone etc). Cos you will be interacting with customers a lot! It’s important!

Tip: Be yourself! Don’t dwell too much on the topic! You don’t have to use up the full 2 minutes for preparation and/or presentation. Most of us at the table didn’t and we got through 😀

Stage 4: The 1-1 interview

This is the stage with the longest wait. I think there’s about 6 interviewers but because of the crop of TP interns, it took much longer than expected. Anyway, at this stage, there’s only about 10-15 of (non-TP) applicants left.

I was among the last few to be interviewed. Seeing people enter and leave and hearing their comments about the interview really made me nervous. Especially when one of the girls said, “omg. it’s tough and they suddenly added one more guy interviewer! he’s scary!” Eeeps! Interviews are not my forte T_T

When it was my turn, I went in and sat down. I realised the “additional” guy is probably an intern/new staff who was there to sit and listen. I did that quite a bit when I was in MOE doing recruitment. So I tried my best to make eye-contact with him and the main interviewer.

It was not as tough as I expected! My interviewer was nice (: It’s like having a conversation and at one point, I made a boo-boo but I admitted it and we laughed it off. At the end of the interview, she event told me, “Good job, Huishan. It was nice meeting you.” Phew.

What are the questions asked? Well, typical interview questions (: Just handle it like how you will handle any other job interview and you’ll be fine (:

Tip: Be yourself (again!). There’s really nothing I can say here 😛

The Apollo Test

After the 4.5 stages, we were told to go home and wait for an email on Monday (assessment was on Saturday). If we were selected, we will be sent an email with a link to do a test.

The Apollo Test basically is like a personality test. So, no stress there (: Just answer as honestly as you can. But do note that there’s quite a few selections and clicks. Do the test in a quiet setting. Think there’s no “Save” button as well. So, be prepared to do it in one setting. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Contract Briefing

2 days after the Apollo Test, I received a call to ask to head down to Scoot office for the contract briefing.

Can’t reveal much here but…I left the briefing with a awesome-er impression of Scoot than I already had!

I met 3 other potential Scootee on the way up and we got lost! When we entered the office, we were kind of shocked cos it’s an office. Literally. People were working. Since I was the first to ‘recover’, I went, “Sorry. We are here for the contract briefing. Do you know where it is?”

And I’m not quite sure who it was but it was an angmoh (the Head of Commercial maybe?) was super friendly! He went, “Aww. I thought you were here to date me!” HAHAHAH! That made me laughed.

ANYWAYS! Back to the contract briefing!

I think it was a very very honest briefing. They didn’t try to sell the job. It was a clear and truthful presentation about the expectations, the trainings, the bond, the benefits, the remuneration and etc. They helped us see the real meaning of being a cabin crew and not us the glittery parts.

The presentation took about 2 hours and we were given 4 days to decide.

So am I a Scootee now?

Unfortunately, no 😦 As much as I want to fulfil that childhood idea and cure my travelling bug, I decided not to take it up because of some scheduling issue. Maybe I will try again next year?

But, yes. I still think Scoot is an awesome company to work for! If they have a contract (ground)job now, I will grab it!

Once again, thank you to Scoot for giving me the opportunity (: To the HR team, thank you for staying back on a Friday evening to brief us 😀

Now, back to the job hunt for me!

Edited: Min height for ladies is about 155cm (can’t remember) and for guys is 165cm (definitely remember this! cos it’s my height :P). As for the weight, they look at the BMI range (:

Super Show 5 Singapore

It has become an annual event. This is my 3rd Super Show in 3 years (: As usual, after some heart-stopping clicking, managed to snag tickets (and some extras due to Sistic) for this year’s show! Phew!

Other than Kim (who is becoming my regular concert buddy), 2 of my classmates were there too! ❤

Addie, Min Hui, myself and Kim (:

Addie, Min Hui, myself and Kim (:

With Teuk, Yesung and Heechul in the army, there’s only 8 members this year. And somehow, instead of the usual 2 shows, there’s only one this year. A fact that the members kept repeating throughout the show. I guess they feel as upset as the fans with the number of shows this year *shrugs*

Okay, overall impression of Super Show 5 (SS5). I think this has to be my least favorite Super Show ever. The arrangement of the songs and dance segments are kind of off. The stage was disappointing as well (little space for the boys to run around). And I don’t know. During the dance segments, the boys are always half a beat behind the audio. I suspect the music is not synced properly. Oh yeah. The boys themselves look tired and half-hearted. Fan service was minimal.

But that doesn’t mean the concert wasn’t good. It’s just not as good as the other Super Show(s) that I’ve been to.

the boys during the first goodbye.

the boys during the first goodbye.

With that said, I think without Teuk, the team feels a little dispersed. Without Yesung, it feels like the songs are lacking in that extra OMMPH that makes SJ’s song so SJ-ish. But Sungmin, Ryewook and Kyuhyun did their best to cover his parts. Without Heechul, the superstar factor is missing.

A special thing to note this year is that there’s no solo parts or SJ-H/T or KRY. It’s just heavy on SJ, SJ-M and dance parts by Hyuk and Shindong. Donghae and Eunhyuk didn’t even do “I Wanna Dance”. I love the boys but it got a little too much at some point. Even a little repetitive. So hmm.

And there’s no special appearance of the army boys. Remember that Heechul came out last year during Opps.

walking round and round.

But! On to the good parts.

I love the SJ cute dance for Sunny (: Draw a circle with your left hand, do a heart and shake from side to side, push the heart forward and back, brush your face and boing boing etc. It was cute! I also like one of the video break where SJ was in a park and they had a “pretend” gun fight (the guns were their fingers-.-).  Oh! And the superheroes! OMG. The ageyo was LOL!

Siwon, Ryewook, Sungmin and Kangin’s cross-dressing was funny too (: Kangin got the easy part being Ga-In. Just lie down, pose pose pose pose.

Rockstar was fun too 😀

one of the fan projects.

one of the fan projects.

After going to so many K-Pop concerts, I think SG ELFs are strong on fan projects. You can be sure to find banners like the one above on your seat (: Very very nice! However, SG ELFs are also the softest in terms of fanchant. I think I was the only cuckoo in my area shouting the fanchant. Gave up 3 songs into the concert.

I’m not saying we (SG ELFs) are not shouting. Just that we are soft. SONEs, Shawols and especially VIPs. Their fanchant are daebak!

But whatever it is, I am very very proud and appreciative of the effort spent in coming up with the banners! They are always successful!

kyuhyun hugging the one of the"Marry U" project.

kyuhyun hugging the one of the”Marry U” project.

All in all, I had fun! And I think this was the first time I screamed so loudly. Yes, I am having a sore throat now! >.<

Oh yeah. After the boys have said the goodbye and as we were leaving the stadium, Hyuk came out suddenly and started saying some stuff. He sounded really serious and solemn. I couldn’t quite understand what he was saying but I know we were getting “reprimanded” or something.

Anyway, gist of the thing is…I think recently there’s the Only-13 petition again. Like honestly?! Zzz. Hyuk just wanted to clarify that Henry and Zhou Mi are members of SJ-M and won’t be promoting officially as SJ. That they were on the same stage as them this year because the members feel that they should be more involved. Full story here.

ending song.

Here’s the thing I don’t get. Why are the fans (in SG and all over the world) upset about Henry and Zhou Mi joining the rest of the boys on stage? I mean, the boys are 3 down! Doesn’t hurt to have 2 more on stage to make it less empty. Plus, the 2 of them only come out during the parts where the boys are moving around and ‘interacting’ with fans. They don’t get to sing, you know.

Plus, they have come so far from Korea. You can’t expect them to just sing 3 songs and then rot in the waiting room right? Henry tweeted while waiting. Imagine how bored he was. Aiyo. Anyway, let’s face it. I barely noticed that Henry and Zhou Mi were onstage cos I was so busy looking out for Siwon (and the security guards :P).

I think everyone should just take a chill pill. I mean, I think SM got the message the first time when ELFs protested so violently against ‘incorporating’ the two guys into SJ. Plus I think the situation developed this way cos of the lack of solo parts, the 2 of them popping out probably looked weird.

I think because of this….Henry was not allowed to perform “Trap”. I was so looking forward to it 😦

henry doing an impromptu performance.

While I applaud Hyuk’s courage to come out and face the issue straight on, I think it could have been better handled. Yes, he is right in that there will be fan cams and by doing this, the message will go out. But honestly, because of what he did, the mood for (the four of) us went from WOOHOOO to WTH. And I think the rest of the ELFs community will think that SG was super mean to the two members that’s why Hyuk found the need to broach the subject. BAH! (Me thinks he decided to talk about the subject cos we were super friendly though).

I think Teuk would have handled this better 😦 Aish. Teuk, come back quickly!  But kudos to Hyuk!

Alrighty. Time for me to go. Can’t wait for October. Girls’ Generation!!!

thank you for another awesome show.

thank you for another awesome show.

Did I mention that I still love my Canon S100? HAHAHAH!