Scooting to Scoot (:

I think I was about 11 years old when one of my dad’s customer (who was an SIA cabin crew) came to me in the shop and told me that I should consider being a cabin crew when I grow up. And since then, the idea has kinda stuck.

Over the years, I buried that idea because of fear, scars and god-knows-what reason. But since I left my previous job 3 weeks ago, this idea started manifesting itself. So when I saw Scoot’s post on their Facebook, I applied. I mean, YOLO right? (:

Why Scoot?

I like Scoot’s attitude. Or should I say, “Scootitude”? From their response to 9Gag –

Credits: 9Gag Singapore

To the official apology from their Head off Commercial during the recent boo-boo (do you know how hard it is to get the management to apologise and on Facebook too?)…

Credits: FlyScoot

Credits: FlyScoot

And to their advertisements and marketing etc etc. So yes, Scoot it is! It sounds like a fun and vibrant place to be (:

When I received the call to head down for an interview, I had cold feet. I text-ed the usual suspects and these guys told me to, “…just Scoot yourself to the interview first lah!” So, off I go!

Scoot Assessment Centre

Yes, that’s what they call their cabin crew interview session. The assessment centre was at Amara and there are about 4.5 stages that you have to go through on the day itself.

Stage 0.5: The Height/Weight and Scar Test

After registeration, I was given a file and lanyard with my application number (A42, woohoo!) and name. My height was measured and arms were checked for scars.

The slight scar on the back of my right hand passed the check! (: It seems like I am the only person bothered by it. The lady who saw my scar went, “That’s nothing!” Hahaha! Made me smile ^^

Stage 1: The Aptitude Test

It’s like sitting for a very condensed version of SAT test. There’s a total of 3 ‘papers’ about 10 minutes each. I think the 3 ‘papers’ are on Verbal Reasoning, Numerical and Non-Verbal.

Ivan, the HR manager, took us through 3 examples for each paper before the paper officially starts.

Warning: Don’t take your own sweet time! I didn’t have enough time to finish my first paper (Verbal Reasoning) because I dilly-dally-ed and couldn’t make up my mind. Had to make some quick judgement and deduction at the last 1.5 minutes. I finished my Numerical paper way ahead of time though (no surprise there:P) and barely finished the Non-Verbal paper.

Tip: Don’t leave any blanks. If you can’t decide on the answer, move on. Come back to it later!

Interlude: The presentation & Results

After all 3 papers were completed, the Head of Cabin Services gave a little presentation about what it entails to be a Scootee, the expected salary and introduced Scoot to us. We were also shown the corporate video. I didn’t know Scoot put up so many dances at the airport >.< Jjang!

Anyways, after the presentation, the marking was done and results were announced.

I think the results are based on percentile because I saw that box on the aptitude test paper πŸ˜›

Anyways, a handful of applicants were dropped 😦 But HURRAH! I made it through!

Stage 2: The Group Discussion

After the announcement of results for Stage 1, we were ushered to another room for the next stage of the assessment. As we entered the room, we were randomly divided and assigned to different tables.

I’m not allowed to tell you what the Group Discussion topics are but basically there areΒ two rounds. After the first round, we were reassigned again to another table. Which, in my opinion is quite fair! Group dynamics might be different! Honestly? I preferred my second group :p

ANYWAYS! We were told to clip our lanyard on our collars so that they are more visible to the assessors. I think there’s about 1 assessor per table. Kudos to them because once group discussion started, it was chaos. Heh.

I think at this stage, they are trying to find out how we behave in groups. Are you a creator? A contributor? A leader? A filler? The lalalander?

Personally I think, each of us tend to behave differently in different groups. For example, in the first group, I think I was more of a follower and communicator (and a pushover). However, in the second group, I was more of a leader (thick skin!) but a little pushy.

Tip: Don’t hold back or go all out. Just be yourself. Go with the flow.

Stage 3: The Individual Presentation

The wait for the result of Stage 2 is super duper duper long. Luckily the TP interns in my 2nd group were fun to talk to. Phew. It was about 3 hours since the start. Most of us were getting hungry until….They gave us Oreo and chocolates! OM NOM NOM! Hehe!

About 30 minutes, the result for Stage 2 was out! I think about 4-6 people were dropped. I think my heart skipped a bit whenever they go, “…A…Forty….” Praying and hoping that it’s not my number. But YAYY!

We were once again assigned to a different table. A different group again! πŸ˜€

Alrighty. Individual presentation has to be the most nerve wrecking portion for me. I had to stand in front of a table of about 10 people to present on a topic. It’s been awhile since I presented to strangers. Yes, I do branch visits and briefings but that’s different! I know the branch folks!

I kept telling myself, “Okay. You aced all your comms presentation. No reason for you to be nervous, yo!”

Basically, we were supposed to draw a piece of paper out of an envelope then each of us are given 2 minutes to think about that topic. So when someone is giving their 2 minute presentation, the next person will look at the piece of paper (containing the topic) that they have drawn and start preparing.

The topics are not hard. Honestly. I can’t review them but they are really simple (: They are mainly topics that you will touch on when you first met someone or when you set up a matchmaking profile?

Think at this stage, I think they are trying to see how fast you can think on your feet, your confidence and how you present yourself (body language, tone etc). Cos you will be interacting with customers a lot! It’s important!

Tip: Be yourself! Don’t dwell too much on the topic! You don’t have to use up the full 2 minutes for preparation and/or presentation. Most of us at the table didn’t and we got through πŸ˜€

Stage 4: The 1-1 interview

This is the stage with the longest wait. I think there’s about 6 interviewers but because of the crop of TP interns, it took much longer than expected. Anyway, at this stage, there’s only about 10-15 of (non-TP) applicants left.

I was among the last few to be interviewed. Seeing people enter and leave and hearing their comments about the interview really made me nervous. Especially when one of the girls said, “omg. it’s tough and they suddenly added one more guy interviewer! he’s scary!” Eeeps! Interviews are not my forte T_T

When it was my turn, I went in and sat down. I realised the “additional” guy is probably an intern/new staff who was there to sit and listen. I did that quite a bit when I was in MOE doing recruitment. So I tried my best to make eye-contact with him and the main interviewer.

It was not as tough as I expected! My interviewer was nice (: It’s like having a conversation and at one point, I made a boo-boo but I admitted it and we laughed it off. At the end of the interview, she event told me, “Good job, Huishan. It was nice meeting you.” Phew.

What are the questions asked? Well, typical interview questions (: Just handle it like how you will handle any other job interview and you’ll be fine (:

Tip: Be yourself (again!). There’s really nothing I can say here πŸ˜›

The Apollo Test

After the 4.5 stages, we were told to go home and wait for an email on Monday (assessment was on Saturday). If we were selected, we will be sent an email with a link to do a test.

The Apollo Test basically is like a personality test. So, no stress there (: Just answer as honestly as you can. But do note that there’s quite a few selections and clicks. Do the test in a quiet setting. Think there’s no “Save” button as well. So, be prepared to do it in one setting. Took me about 15 minutes.

The Contract Briefing

2 days after the Apollo Test, I received a call to ask to head down to Scoot office for the contract briefing.

Can’t reveal much here but…I left the briefing with a awesome-er impression of Scoot than I already had!

I met 3 other potential Scootee on the way up and we got lost! When we entered the office, we were kind of shocked cos it’s anΒ office. Literally. People were working. Since I was the first to ‘recover’, I went, “Sorry. We are here for the contract briefing. Do you know where it is?”

And I’m not quite sure who it was but it was an angmoh (the Head of Commercial maybe?) was super friendly! He went, “Aww. I thought you were here to date me!” HAHAHAH! That made me laughed.

ANYWAYS! Back to the contract briefing!

I think it was a very very honest briefing. They didn’t try to sell the job. It was a clear and truthful presentation about the expectations, the trainings, the bond, the benefits, the remuneration and etc. They helped us see the real meaning of being a cabin crew and not us the glittery parts.

The presentation took about 2 hours and we were given 4 days to decide.

So am I a Scootee now?

Unfortunately, no 😦 As much as I want to fulfil that childhood idea and cure my travelling bug, I decided not to take it up because of some scheduling issue. Maybe I will try again next year?

But, yes. I still think Scoot is an awesome company to work for! If they have a contract (ground)job now, I will grab it!

Once again, thank you to Scoot for giving me the opportunity (: To the HR team, thank you for staying back on a Friday evening to brief us πŸ˜€

Now, back to the job hunt for me!

Edited:Β Min height for ladies is about 155cm (can’t remember) and for guys is 165cm (definitely remember this! cos it’s my height :P). As for the weight, they look at the BMI range (:


48 thoughts on “Scooting to Scoot (:

      • Thank you so much for the info, one year bond sound pretty good, cause mostly airlines are 2 years bond. they have not call me for any interview yet but i had submitted my resume online, hope good news coming soon πŸ˜‰

      • Hi.

        I’ve been shortlisted after i’ve send my resume and i have to do online assesment and video interview. Do you know how do they judge by video interview? I did stumbled here and there and i’m afraid i won’t be able to get in:( Chances will be very low. Am i right?

      • Hey! Not too sure about video assessment but the criteria should be the same. Don’t worry too much about stumbling! As long as you were yourself during the interview and gave your best, that’s all that matters. Have you heard back from them? (: I certainly hope so! Otherwise, you can always try again!

  1. I just did an online interview yesterday. I dont think I did well cos I was nervous plus I was given time to answer the questions. Normally, how long will they get back after the online interview?

    • Not too sure how long they will take to get back to you. I went for the physical interview and they got back to me in abt 2 working days. Really quick. Either way….good luck!

  2. It’s nice to see some people who recently posted stating they just went through the same thing I did. I just did my video interview too, I rambled on too long and didn’t manage to answer two of the last questions for each section. It was also really awkward for me to talk to myself on the webcam, if they’re using this to judge your personality I really don’t think it’s very accurate because some people will just find it unnatural and not behave like they’re talking to a real person. I just hope I get through… Even so I’m pretty sure it’s just the beginning of a long interview process.

    Good luck to everyone out there who’s seeing this.

    Oh, just a question to the author, do you get paid during the training? How much? Thanks!

  3. just did an online video interview and to be very honest, i did not managed to answer most of the question given a min time. but i guess it’s okay πŸ™‚ let’s not think about it now and relax.. dont stress ourself too much, let the management do the decision πŸ™‚

  4. hi, i just finished my online assignment but i didnt receive any link to access to video interview. or rather any question related to the video interview.

  5. hi can i ask if this interview you went was after the online test & video? and do you have any idea what’s the pay scale is like?

  6. Honestly, I don’t understand the vigorous interview process.
    What’s with all the presentations etc.
    There is a difference between good customer service and presentation skills.

    And also anyone here gone through the briefing pls share what are the remunerations like.
    Cos if its not what someone is looking for then we wont need to waste time going through the whole process and hoping for nothing, just to find out, oh the pay isn’t so good. haha.

    And I would like to add that the author is a female.
    Female experience and male experience is different in an interview.
    (from a male HR pov, females get treated better. Its just a fact. )

  7. hi babe could you share with us what does the pre-employment check up consist of? there’s vision, blood and hearing test? will they check ur weight? any other test too? thanks alot

    • hi there! i didn’t take up the offer so didnt go for the checkup. but if it helps, pre-employment check up usually consist of BMI, eye sight, blood and urine. nothing to worry about (:

      • thanks babe for ur reply!! when u went for the contract briefing, there wasnt any uniform fitting for u yet right?

        Also will be paid for attending the 2 months training?

      • Hi Serafina,

        Nope! They will give you about 2-3 days to decide after the contract briefing. I think the uniform fitting comes later on during the training (:

        Hmm. I can’t really remember but probably a small sum during training? Can’t help on that. Sorry!

  8. Hi Babe!

    May I know what kind of questions will they be popping out during the online video interview?

    Would like to know more about the contract bond.. I heard that we will have to pa a certain of amount for the bonds. Do you know how much does we need to pay up to?

    • hi there! Unfortunately, I cant share the questions with you 😦 that was the condition given when I wrote this post.

      plus, I attended a face-to-face interview and not an online interview. but don’t worry too much about it (: just be yourself~

      Regarding the contract, I cant remember much. It’s been almost a year. But I think you just need a guarantor. No upfront payment needed. this could be outdated though.

      anyways, good luck!

  9. hi babe! thanks for sharing your experience on the cabin crew interview with Scoot! I will be having my interview with them in 3 weeks time and I do have 2 visible tattoos on so I was wondering if I should actually conceal them or would it be better if I were to just go ahead and have them decide for themselves? My tattoos are not that visible though. Thank you in advance for your reply!

    • Hi there! Hmm. I think you should be honest and tell them about your tattoos (: it’s the right scootitude! as long as the tattoos dont show when you wear the uniform, they shld be okay with it.

      • Hi Chloe! I think it was about 1.5 – 2 weeks! Don’t fret if you haven’t receive any emails or so cos I think they definitely do take quite a well to process all the applications πŸ™‚

    • Not sure if you will reply! I’m wondering whether you got into scoot with your tattoo? I have a really light tattoo on my wrist due to laser which can be covered with a watch

      • Hi babe! No, i didn’t. I have a rather big tattoo on my right foot as well, so I pretty much got eliminated the moment she saw my tattoo. I think you might be able to get pass the body assessment round if you hide your tattoo well with your watch. Though I must add that they are really quite stringent. All the best!:)

      • I don’t know to cover up with makeup and my watch or just use makeup to conceal. Did you wear a watch that day? Did they inspect your wrist or other’s wrist?

        Thank you so much for your reply!!

      • hi i recently just apply for scoot , i have just finish their online interview. they have call me at the moment have they call you?

      • Hi Jen,

        I went for th interview but I fail on the case study bullshit. And I’m pretty pissed that is. I contribute a lot of info to the group work but people that talk like a mouse just got thru. Lesson learnt. Be normal.

      • Thank you so much for your advice. I just submitted on 18 February 2016. Scoot haven get back to me . So I think I might have fail the online interview 😦 . How long did they get back to you?

  10. Hello. I know its been sometime since you posted this, but I found your blogpost while digging up about Scoot recently…
    Am a Pilot Cadet, hopefully become part of Scoot when I graduate from flying academy…
    I’m on your side, in that I believe Scoot is a wonderful place to work at, since it has such a fun management, fun employees and employers too!
    Its too bad you didn’t actually join the company, but who knows, we might actually meet there in the future…
    PS: Holy… you have about the same height as I am!

  11. Hello there, just want to ask that only singaporean can apply for the cabin crew ? or other nationalities also can ? (for a man)

  12. Omg.. i wanted to apply as cabin crew at scoots. I have not submitted my resume. But im already afraid. When you said the there are 4.5 round of interview😒. Im only 1.57. And im afraid they wont accept me😒😒

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