It’s been a month.

Unknowingly,  it’s been a month since I left my job. Seems ironic that I met some ex-colleagues for lunch today. Almost as if I am celebrating the one-month mark.

Met Vincent Lee and Ziqiang for lunch. The combination is a little off but somehow I am glad that in my 3years, I have made friends like them. Aww.


I have no idea why but I have been rather busy this past month. There was the hazy week where I was running around like a headless chicken looking for masks, going JB and dance practice. Then came the week of major cleaning at home (CLUTTER FREE!). Then 2 weeks of mugging for my CFP Module 4 exam (still have a love-hate relationship with finance).

And somehow, just like that, a month passed.

Am I rested?  Not really. But I guess with the unemployment, I can see what I want in life abit more clearly. Had a little time to “find” back a bit of the wide-eyed girl who knew what she wanted.

Of course, in this one month, I met some incredible interviewers. I’m glad I met these people for my first “foray” back into the employment market. So, thank you (:

Now that CFP exams are over, I can finally put a proper closure to my previous chapter in life. Onwards and upwards!

Korean classes has started again and I took up Genie dance class alone (: see! I wouldn’t have done that if I was still working. Would have had too much worry. But now, I am learning and trying to embrace YOLO.

Alrighty!  Going to go for my nail appt! No, they are from a package I signed 2 yrs back. No money for such stuff now :p

If you have any job opportunities, link me up ok? (:



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