dad’s funny (but accurate) comment.

Just a very random post.

After coming home from the family gathering last night, I borrowed the sister’s laptop and logged onto xinmsn to watched this week’s episode of “Fabulous Boys”. I casually told my mum (who was getting ready for bed) that I am watching the show. I thought she will say she has an early day tomorrow…but she came and joined me instead! HAHA!

So, there we both were at 11.30pm, staring at the little screen in the living room.

watching the show.

watching the show.

At about 12.15am, the dad walked passed us and he made a comment, “You always fall asleep when watching TV. Staring at a small screen has the opposite effect hor?”

HAHAHA! I didn’t even realised it but it’s true! Usually, 15-30 minutes into a show, the mum would have fallen asleep on the sofa. But today, she was wide awake for the entire show. Hehe. Maybe we should switch to a smaller TV 😛

Anyways, it seems like I am getting too used to being alone at home. When I went to the family gathering yesterday, I felt a little overwhelmed. Everyone was talking everywhere. In the end, I just kept to myself and played with the niece.

Ahwell. Enjoy the silence while I can (: Because who knows when the next break will be right?

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