Cycling by the Han River (:

Now that summer is here, I thought I would better get this post out. Yes, I realised my last “Planning a Trip to Seoul” series has stopped 2-3 weeks ago and I have left a huge ‘cliffhanger’. I promised to get back to it soon. Just that it’s such a long post, I don’t know where to begin :p

But yes! Summer has descended upon Korea (: Though it has been raining quite a bit these days (according to my weather application) ;p

ANYWAYS! Sunny days will be there soon and if you (like me and ber) have a wish to cycle by the Han River, I hope this post will be helpful (:

We didn’t dare to tell each other.

While planning for our trip to Seoul in April, the both of us didn’t dare to tell each other that we wanted to cycle by the Han River. We were afraid that we will be thought as crazy. Yes, when I told my colleagues ex-colleagues that I wanted to cycle by the Han River, their reaction was, “Serious? What for?”

So when both of us finally found the courage to tell each other, it went something like…

Me: OMG! Me too!

ber: I was afraid that you will think I am crazy.

Me: Me too!

ber: that’s why you are my oldest friend!

So, that’s how the story goes (:

Our research brought us almost nowhere 😦

To kick off our planning for the trip, I went down to KTO during lunchtime one day and on top of picking up the regular guidebook, I also picked up the “Riverside Bike Trails in Korea” guide.

the one on the left.

The guidebook was helpful in the following ways –

  • It list out the distance for each trail + how long it will take
  • The theme of each trail
  • What to expect along each trail
  • The difficulty level

The thing is, they were for ‘serious’ bikers. We wanted something more casual. Rent a bike, cycle around for an hour or two and that’s it. But the trails in the guide feels quite ‘hardcore’. It also didn’t say much about bicycle rental. Sigh.

So we turned to trusty Google and found this. We gathered that there’s bike rental at Yeouido and that’s the only information we had when we went to Seoul.

Directions to the bike rental

1. Take the subway to Yeouinaru Station (Line 5 – Purple Line)

2. Look for Exit 3 (stairs) or Exit 4 (escalator/lift).

If you exit by Exit 4, you will have to cross the street. On the other hand, if it’s Exit 3, you will be on the side of the river/park (: Here’s what the surrounding look like. You will see a small ‘eatery’ and ‘mama shop’.

View from Exit 3. Exit 2 is right in front. (Image from Google Street View)

View from Exit 4. Exit 3 is right in front.
(Image from Google Street View)

3. Facing the river, turn to the right and walk straight.

You will pass by some small street stalls and “Yeouido Information Centre“.

Yeouido Information Centre  (Image from Google Street View)

Yeouido Information Centre
(Image from Google Street View)

4. Keep walking straight and you will see a playground.

Image from

5. And a short distance from the playground, you will see the bike rental place (:

You can’t miss it! The bikes are so colorful and displayed very neatly!

the bike rental shop.

the bike rental shop.

Bike Rental Information

Bicycle rental is about 3,000 won per hour (single person) or 6,000 won per hour (2 person bike). I think it’s about 500 won for every 30 minutes thereafter. Opening hours starts from 9am and closing hour defers depending on the month.

Remember to bring a valid photo ID.

I would suggest leaving your IC there instead of your passport though. When we returned our bike, the uncle there gave us a China passport -.- So just to be on the safe side, keep your passport with you and leave either your IC or driving license or student pass. Because, if you lose your IC, you just have to report it loss when you are back in Singapore. But if you lose your passport, you can’t come home. Eeeps!

The bikes are really pretty and look exactly like those in the drama ;p I couldn’t decided between a white or a pink bike *bimbo* Chose pink in the end cos it matched my shoes.

bimbo mode: on

Where we cycled?

We weren’t very adventurous so we cycled for about an hour.

If you follow the bike path and cycle to the right (facing the river), you will see the place where “Lie to Me” was shot. Remember the scene where Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwang were in the swan boat and she jumped into the river to “save” someone? TADA!

the swan boat rental place.

You can rent a boat and pedal out into the Han River (: But we weren’t that adventurous and the rental place was not opened. Heh.

We did a U-turn after passing this place as the path got ‘serious’ with tall lalangs (?) growing at the side. So we U-turned and cycled down.

We passed by several bridges (: And generally, just enjoyed the breeze and the scene.

urbanisation is so close yet so far away.

one of the bridge/expressway we passed.

As the hour was almost up, we stopped at this Glass Dome thing that reminded me of “The Fullerton Pavillion”.  ANYWAYS! There’s a nice swing there so we paused and took some pictures. The swing is apparently a photo zone. The only one we saw. Perhaps if we had keep cycling, we would have seen more! (:

the photo zone.

the photo zone.


The Koreans really have 情趣. As we were leaving the park, we saw several office workers bringing their lunch to the park.

I used to work by the Singapore River and I don’t even do that! But yeah. The Koreans packed their lunch and brought them to the park to eat. So nice right? (:

Other useful information

While preparing for this post, I discovered some other useful information. WHY DIDN’T I SEE THEM EARLIER!

From Discovering Korea – Cruising the Hangang on a Bicycle
(Do check out the rest of the blog. It’s quite informative!)

From KTO – Bicycle Trials in Seoul 
(It contains the information from the guide I was talking about. Do note that the guide provides information on how to cycle to neighbouring province and to Busan as well.)

So yups!(: That’s it from me!


2 thoughts on “Cycling by the Han River (:

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  2. Hi there 🙂

    With reference to the picture, with caption ” View from Exit 4. Exit 3 is right in front. (Image from Google Street View) “,

    Because the words above the picture says ” If you exit by Exit 4, you will have to cross the street. On the other hand, if it’s Exit 3, you will be on the side of the river/park (: Here’s what the surrounding look like. You will see a small ‘eatery’ and ‘mama shop’. ” (if it’s Exit 3, you will be on the side of the river/park, here’s what’s the surrounding look like)

    So, I would like to ask, the SECOND picture on this blogpost, is Exit 4 or Exit 3 [ same side as the river/park] ? 🙂


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