to wig or not to wig.

There’s been much hoo-haa over how 5 St. Margaret’s girls were made to wear wigs after they had shaved their head last weekend in support of the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation. You can read more about it here.

While I agree that it’s silly to ask the girls to wear wigs (which defies the purpose of shaving their head), but I think in this case, the school is not at fault.

Look at this way. The girls asked for permission and their principal could have jolly well banned the girls from taking part in the event (trust me, if it’s during my era, that will be the answer). But the principal didn’t. She probably understood where the girls were coming from, understood their 心意 and didn’t want to stop them so she told them to go ahead.

BUT! Remember that the girls are still in school. So the principal needs to take into consideration of many things including discipline. So she told them to wear wigs while in school. Trust me, if the principal didn’t lay down such a rule, there will be some jokers in the school (or other schools) that will purposely shave their heads into some funky dory hairstyle and say they are supporting the Singapore Children’s Foundation.

ANYWAYS! The girls knowing that they have to wear wigs, made a CONSCIOUS decision to go ahead with shaving their hair. So, what’s the issue here? Plus, if the girls’ scalps are irritated by the wigs, they just need to get a doctor’s letter and VIOLA. No more wigs!

I mean really, would you rather that the school don’t allow the girls to take part in the event altogether?

Plus, if after all these media hoo-haa, the school agrees to let the girls NOT wear wigs to school, what are we really teaching the girls? That it’s okay for them to go back on their words? Just go to media. Complain.

Instead of complaining and stuff, I think we should applaud the school for allowing the girls to take part. One step at a time, people. If it’s in the past, the school would have probably rejected the entire group of them. Right? Ask yourself. Would your school have allowed you to go ahead EVEN if you OFFER to wear the wigs?

I think the best way out is for the girls to keep their promise. If the wigs are really irritating them, then go to a doctor and get certified.

The REAL issue here is not about how stupid it is to make the girls wear wigs BUT if teaching the girls about keeping promises.

With regards to the school asking them to wear wigs, there’s definitely room to improve. But I think allowing the girls to take part in the event is quite awesome in itself. And kudos to the girls for wanting to take part!


If the girls had raised the wig issues before shaving, then I would have supported fully.
Anyway, what’s up with the unfeminine rule? my gosh. I would have failed it terribly.

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