just saying – pay.

“If I earn $2K, I will live the life of someone who earns $2K. If that career moves, make sense at the point in time. Take it. Don’t get so hung up about the pay.”

That’s something I realised over the past month.

Plus, personally, other than monetary reward, I think other intangible stuff like appreciation, recognition and being part of a team is more important to me.

There’s only so much that money can do. You can earn alot but if that job makes you unhappy, then no amount of money-enabled-activity can make you happy.

Trust me. I

A lot of people say that they really would like to have a job whereby they get paid for doing nothing. Personally, I’m guilty of that too.

But when you have actually experienced it, you might not like it.

I didn’t. I thought about it and I realised I really don’t. Be it in the past or in the future.

Yes, the occasional lull at work is awesome! But all the time? Eeeps. Not sure about you but I need to…..feel useful (for a lack of better words).

I rather be slogging my life away, feeling tired and feel like I have contributed than just doing minimal stuff. I give my best in everything I do.

Like when I was at IRAS working as a frontline officer. I answer about 100 calls per day while the other temps answered about 10. I tried to slack off, but I felt like crap so I went back to answering as many calls as I can. I felt better and looked forward to going to work.

Just saying. Please let me find something I like soon.


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