why am i studying korean?

Here’s some of the reactions I get when I tell people that I am learning Korean or when the discover that I am learning Korean.

Oh. You are learning Korean….”

The trial off like it’s a bad thing. I know in their mind, I have automatically become the bimbo, the crazy-screaming kpop fans, the sasaeng fan (click here for what that means). No, I am not being sensitive. The actions of those people before they know and after they know is different.

X: Why are you learning Korean?

Me: Because…

X: Because of those Korean dramas and variety shows right?

Me: Erm….

X: Correct right!

And the same thing happens. I become a bimbo, a crazy kpop fan etc.

It’s extremely frustrating especially when you are going for interviews. I am almost afraid to put it down in my resume. Because all these negative experience. But let me just say this once and for all.


So…why am I learning Korean?

My interest in Korean started back in secondary school. The best friend was crazy about anime and Japanese. Being the rebellious teenager that I was, I decided to look for the opposite – Korean. And I started getting curious about the country and the language.

Somewhere along the way, we learned about the Korean war and that pushed my curiosity a tad further.

Since then, I’ve wanted to pick up the language. But somewhere between JC and university and working life, I forgot about that interest.

TILL….Super Junior came along.

No, I did not finally learn Korean because I want to know what they are saying. I finally signed up for class because they reminded me about my curiosity of Korean. And there’s something about your teenager wish that makes it endearing.

And so, I finally signed up for classes because Korean drama, variety and KPop was so easily accessible these days. With the ease of obtaining these stuff, I can hear more, listen more and read more. Expose myself more to the language so that I am always learning, not just in class. Plus, I always believe that one should always continue to learn even after university. So, might as well!

Yes, I am interested in K-Pop. But that love is not what made me signed up for class. For my passion in Korean and the culture.

In a nutshell….

I am learning Korean because of….

a) A silly teenage wish

b) I wanted to further develop myself after graduation

c) Ease of picking up Korean because of the availability of materials.

So, there. Just saying.


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