i’m growing old. my memory is like dory’s.

Just a few seconds ago…

*tore eyes away from YouTube and looked at the clock*

*stared at the clock and date*

*silence for a few seconds* (I think I blanked out)

*looked away from the clock*

Several moments later, looked back and realised why I was staring at it in the first place. OMG.

This morning, I actually forgot to press “Send” after typing out a msg in a Whatsapp group chat -.-

Losing my train of thoughts halfway through a conversation is getting more common place too! I will be talking and then get stuck because I can’t remember what my next point was, what I was saying, what words to use to continue…So I just tend to paraphrase my previous sentence, repeat it until the “train” catches on.


Even this post took a while to type cos I didn’t know what to say -.- I forgot.

At work, things are less obvious. But to prevent myself from making mistakes, I have resorted to using post-its T_T OH NO! I think it’s because of work. Honestly. I spend so much attention and brain cells just to ensure that every documents are present, every signature has been obtained and that everything is compliant.  It’s really tiring. And to quote the colleague, “It’s not a meaningful kind of stress.”


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