every saturday, i dance.

Note: I am writing this post with Shinee’s “Why So Serious” and EXO’s “MAMA” remixing in my head. May sound blabberish or disconnected. HELP!

And I go for Korean lessons too. But that’s beside the point.

Yes! For the past 2.5 – 3 years, I have been taking dance lessons on and off every weekend (: Yes, me, the klutz, is taking dance classes!

It all started when I saw the dance school on Ch5 and that got me curious. A quick Google and I was officially interested. Why? Cos the school offers K-Pop MTV dance class!

Yaayyy! I just started liking K-Pop back then and I like classes that is…end-to-end. You know, you go to class with the purpose of learning something and have something to show after x lessons? Yes, sir! I likey! So, I started asking and bugging my friends to join me for classes but after a few rejections,  I finally found KL! And 就这样误打误撞, both of us signed up for our very first dance class – Miss A’s Goodbye Baby.

Ever since then, KL and I have been signing up for classes. And I’ve found more and more friends to join me too 😀


So where is this school? The school is called, “Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts” or CJ in short (you might have already heard of them!).

It’s located next @ Novena, next to United Square. Goldhill Centre? No idea? Where Burger King, Super Cuts and Udders is!

Lesson Format and Price

Each class is about an hour long with about 10-18 people in the class. The number of lessons that you will have will depend on the difficulty level of the dance. For example, I Got A Boy was 8 lessons while Genie was 4 lessons.

Price of each dance course is between $65-$110.

Haven’t seen combo courses in awhile but basically, combo courses teaches half of 2 songs. I took a combo course for Step (KARA) and Bubble Pop (Hyuna). It’s 4 lessons each and I paid about $100? The price is probably outdated though since that was a year ago.

At the end of each dance course…

There’s video recording! Hehe.

Nonono, don’t get nervous! The recording is entirely for your own keepsake (: The school won’t upload it to their YouTube Channel or anything. Take it as a report card. Something to look back and laugh or be impressed with next time. For me, I laugh whenever I look at mine 😛

Here’s one of my ‘better’ recordings from the recent Genie class.

Age limit?

Nope! There’s no age limit (: I have 언니s in my classes that dance really well. Think Bubble Pop is only for young ones? Think again.

The instructors 

Are really friendly people. And quite young too T_T makes me feel old~ Then again, yes. I am old. No longer the youngest in social settings *draws circles in a corner*


Yes, the instructors are nice people. They don’t laugh or scoff at you or embarrass you during lessons. If you make mistakes, they will highlight it in a way that you don’t even know it’s you.

I have been to classes under 6 different teachers. 4 of which are still actively teaching at CJ. Jojo was the first teacher and she’s really groovy, her lessons are always fun. Joanna (aka Xiao Jo) was the teacher for IGAB and Into the New World. She’s really patient and can break down the steps really well. IGAB would have been so much tougher otherwise o.o Sam was the teacher for Genie, she’s well-known for “let’s do it super fast now!” 😛 It may seem a little stressful but it really helps to train your brain to not overthink each step and build up muscle memory.  Nigel is my current teacher for Mr Simple. Considering I dropped out after 3 lessons the last time I learned a guy dance (Shinee’s Replay), Nigel (and Jojo who took over one lesson) is pretty awesome to actually make me look forward to each class.

IGAB with Joanna.

Other than the instructors, the marketing folks are rather friendly too. Carmen and Clement!

CJ also offers…

Vocal lessons (: And Sing+Dance lessons! Classes for kids. Basic Hip Hop classes.

You can also arrange for private dance courses.

In a nutshell (a huge one).

I’m so glad my classmates from my Korean classmates are joining for classes now! It make classes so much more fun! 😀 And the oldest friend seems interested too! Of course, I can’t wait for KL to join me at classes again after her wedding! Ohoh! And my sec school senior is attending classes there too. We’ve been trying to attend classes together but schedule don’t fit. Someday!

I have 3 more classes to go till Mr SImple ends and I am already looking for classes to go to :p While Growl is tempting, I know I will die a “horrible death” :p Hopefully more classes will come out soon (: SNSD’s Bad Girl? The Boys? *fingers crossed*

Click here to check out the latest schedule.

If you are thinking of picking up dance, just do it! CJ is a pretty good place to start (: Take it from a klutz who walks into doors/walls and trips over herself frequently once every blue moon.

*runs off to play Shinee’s “Why So Serious” and EXO’s “MAMA” to get them out of my head*


10 thoughts on “every saturday, i dance.

  1. Hi:)i came across yr post when i was finding kpop lessons.May i ask if CJ allows u to choose wad dance mv u wan to learn or u haf to follow their decision?:)

    • hi there, CJ comes up with a schedule every month with the songs that they will be teaching. If you something that you like, just email them to sign up (:

      If you want to learn a particular song, you can either ask for private sessions (more expensive) or send in a suggestion that may or may not be picked up.

      the people there are really friendly (: On 20 Nov 2013 17:53, “life of a clumsy sotong – as if being a sotong is

  2. Hi 😀 Are you still learning kpop dance at CJ? (and..how old are you???<–with reference to your blog post) Stumbled upon your blog while researching on studios that offer kpop dance lessons.

    • hi! yes, I am still learning classes at CJ. currently learning “The Boys” by SNSD (: I’m old enough. haha. the word “언니” means “elder sister”. so the classes at CJ are really for all ages.

      • That’s cool! I may be joining in July or August or later, still not sure! Thanks for answering my question 😀 Perhaps one day we can do a dance collab :p I have a Youtube channel but it’s not anything big la. Just to upload my own dance videos from dance class to watch my progress and what I need to improve on. Can look me up on Youtube at this name lalluviayyo87. I upload my dance videos under My Dance Progress list 🙂

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