the cat and the pigeon.

I was waiting at the lift lobby at my block when out of a sudden, a pigeon appeared. Gave me quite a scare. It was 7pm! Where did this pigeon come from? 

It hobbled cross my path and then….from around the corner, I saw the resident tabby cat. Omg. It was hunting! The look in its eyes, the body posture! Behind the cat was a little boy on a bicycle who seemed very amused by the situation.

I was horrified! I didn’t know what to do! So I just waved my keys in the cat’s direction and yelled sternly, “GO AWAY! 가! ” I was hoping it will run away but it didn’t T_T

It looked at me and gave me a “Shut up” look before focusing it’s attention back on the pigeon. 

A cab uncle appeared at this morning and was egging the cat on. The cat, smart thing that it is, knew it can’t cross in front of me so it rounded the corner and spied on the pigeon 😦

Horrified, I forced myself to step into the lift and go home. Sometimes, nature has to take it course huh?

Dear pigeon, I hope you are okay 😦 I’m sorry. 

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