i’m breaking out again :(

Remember the last time I had a breakout on my face?

That was 2 years ago. I took medicine to control the breakouts and it worked for about 6 months but once I stopped, the pimples started coming back. I’ve learned to accept the fact that my face will never be this clear again –

back in 2009. no photoshop done.

I have stopped taking the medicine and found that my skin was okay with Avene. But somehow, it’s starting again 😦 Look at this –

the horrors.

the horrors.

I have one huge pimples on the forehead, one right beside my nose and one or two more bubbling underneath.

I am not even going to talk about the small ones. The small ones that look so innocent but once they pop and you stick a 3M acne patch on, the amount of pus that comes out is shocking.

Knowing my skin, the pimples will start appearing on the other side of the face (in the exact same spot) soon. Yes, my skin seeks perfection. If you see a pimple on the left, you will also see one on the right in the exact spot. If you draw my face, mark the pimples out and then fold it into half, you will see that they the pimples kisses.

I need help 😦 Anyone has any good skin dermatologist to recommend? 😦 Help!


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