seen and heard in the washroom.

Incident 1

On the way to the washroom, I had to walk pass corridor of clinics at Paragon.

One day, about 2 weeks ago, I saw a couple making out at the wall between two clinics. the girl was wearing a Toys’ R Us uniform.

They were oblivious to me walking pass twice (to the washroom and back) or that someone will be walking out from the clinics any time!


Incident 2

Today, I met the same girl in the washroom. And guess what? She’s arguing with her boyfriend on the phone.

OH: “You are supposed to LIKE me, not JUDGE me!” , “What. Are you saying I am bad?”

Woah. Trouble in paradise. I didn’t even retie my hair cos I think it’s not nice.

Incident 3

This is really typical clauds-luck.

You know how washrooms have the automated air freshener that sprays every few minutes? Well…..I was on my way out from the washroom yesterday and….

The air freshener sprayed. And….


URGH! I smelled like Paragon washroom the entire day T_T And I am pretty sure the face will breakout soon. Perfume and my face don’t mix.

On the bright side….At least it’s Paragon washroom so the smell would be rather atas?

Incident 4

This was really sweet.

A mum came into the washroom with a little girl. And while the mum was washing her hands, the girl went, “Mum, it’s ______ birthday. Can I buy her a present?”

Mum: What do you want to get her?

Girl: Hmmm. A flower. Can we buy on Monday?


I never thought going to washroom can be so interesting -.- HAHA!


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