the silence.

I am sure there’s a similar post somewhere in this blog.

But yeah. I am taking a break this week before beginning at a new place (will blog about that later this week perhaps).

And it’s only during unemployment that I can enjoy the silence of…well, everything. Here’s my routine –

I will wake up at about 10-11ish. The house will be empty and quiet with everyone at work. I would read till about 1-ish before falling asleep again.

Then about 4ish, I will wake up for lunch, watch some daytime television or even Okto before retreating to the room to read again.

At about 9pm, I will leave my handphone in my room, go out to the living room, have dinner, talk to the family.

By about 11pm, the parents would have gone to sleep, the siblings will be in their room.

I like to lie down on the sofa and watch repeated dramas or brainless variety show. Maybe fall asleep in front of the TV.

At about 12-ish, I’ll bathe and go back into my room to either blog, read, watch some dramas or just click around on the internet.

It may sound lonely to some of you. Or even anti-social. But I really like these silent periods in my life.

I can stop thinking so much, stop worrying so much. Pause a little and….get in touch with how I feel.

With the amount of noise, information and people we meet everyday, we barely have time for ourselves. Everything must be quick, must be fast, must be now now NOW! Even our feelings have become that way. We get angry quickly, we forget that we are angry equally quick. We get happy quickly, that happiness is gone quickly too. Honestly, do we know what made us angry? Do we know what made us happy? If we don’t, how can we make sure that those things stays or doesn’t happen again?

So yes, I really treasure these silence. These lull period in my life. Where I can just sit around and do nothing. Just read. And I think what I enjoy most is that…I can feel nothing. Just a monotonous buzz and an never-ending ohmmmmm.

This week, I am not going away. This entire week is mine and I will keep it that way.



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