my first love – physical books

After breakfast with Scotchey yesterday, I had some spare time so I took a walk and visited an old haunt – Kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City (:

Old haunt because I would go there almost every day during my lunch hour back in the Perlini’s day. I would also visit the place once every few weeks during my uni days. I loved to go there to hunt for books to read. To soak in the silent buzz. To people watch. And this is going to sound creepy but…I love the smell of books there. It’s comforting.

I stopped visiting Kinokuniya since 2011? Mainly because I don’t have time and started buying books from Popular instead. And I’ve turned to reading ebooks instead. For clean “freak” like me, ebooks are definitely easier to manage (if you know what I mean) ;p

Anyway, I digress.

Yes, so I went to Kinokuniya yesterday. Nothing has changed (: The same familiar smell, the same buzz, the search machine is still at the entrance etc etc. Familiarity *sigh* I wandered around, taking books off the shelf, reading the back cover and checking out the price (the prices are the same! inflation has yet to hit books!). I like how everyone is just minding their business, looking for their next ‘adventure’. Reading a book is like going on an adventure, no?

I kept walking around and then…I saw the paperback version of the book that I was reading – Mortal Instruments. I picked it off the shelf, flipped to the page that I am currently at and started reading and reading and reading. The flipping of the pages, the weight of the book, the smell of the book, the texture of the page, the words on slightly yellow paper. I MISS THOSE FEELINGS!

While ebooks are awesome, it can’t be compared to the experience of reading a paperback. The words for example – the black words and white background (vice versa) are just hard on the eyes.

And there’s something about coming home after a loong day outside to see the paperback sitting on your bedside table waiting for you ❤

So I made a decision….to cheer myself up (because I’ve been so moody these days), I am going to buy myself a book next week 😀

So….does anyone have a Kino card? Or a times card perhaps? ;p

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