[Music Monday] Taylor Swift – White Horse

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Was thinking of what to write this week. Tempted to put in another K-Pop song but well…I realised I have a better song! (:

I love Taylor Swift’s songs (: The lyrics are always good! Sometimes even soothing for the soul.

“White Horse” is a single off her album, “Fearless” back in 2008. It helped me got through a really tough period in 2009. I remember playing that song everyday, non-stop. On my way to work, on my way back home. Anywhere, everywhere.

The song is basically about a break-up and how you realised that everything you love about that person is actually a lie, an illusion. Basically, waking up from a fairytale. Anyone who has been lied to, who has forgiven a significant other before will find that this song is super easy to relate to.

To quote Taylor Swift, “To me, ‘White Horse’ is about what, in my opinion, is the most heart-breaking part of a break-up – that moment when you realize that all the dreams you had, all those visions you had of being with this person, all that disappears.”

Have a listen-

Favorite part of the lryics –

Say you’re sorry
That face of an angel comes out just when you need it to
As I paced back and forth all this time
‘Cause I honestly believed in you

Holding on, the days drag on
Stupid girl, I should have known
I should have known

So yup! I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fans but some of her songs are just therapeutic. One more coming up next week! Well, either her or Simple Plan. Will see (:

Have a great week, everyone!


Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ USS

Seeing that I was quite braved and relatively untouched (and scare 5 ‘ghosts’) last year when I went to USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 with the ex-colleagues, I thought I will be brave and asked the classmates to go with me this year.

Plus…Maybank card has a really great deal. 3 tickets and 1 free ticket @ $174 (: That’s like the cheapest tickets in town! $43.50 each!

Minhui didn’t want to and I told her bravely that I will protect her ;p But….Well…..

the entrance. photos from Minhui.

First of all, the queue is HORRENDOUS. Like really. The queue for the haunted houses are about 100 mins minimum! And for the rides? For the popular ones like Transformers and The Mummy, it’s about 60 mins. We gave up queuing for the haunted house at the Waterworld (House of Possession)  cos the queue was 200 mins and we couldn’t see where the start of the queue was! 😦

Next, it always rain when I go to USS. The first time I went to USS with Canon and the bloggers, it rained in the morning. Then it rained a few hours before we went to Halloween Horror Nights 2 last year. This year, it rained after we came out from the haunted house at Jurassic Park’s water ride (Songs of Death). It’s bad.

Because of the rain, we only managed to went to ONE scare zone – The Forbidden Forest. I swear. It’s scary this year. I don’t remember the ‘ghosts’ following us from behind last year. This year, they do. You will be happily walking and then you see them walking towards you. You gear yourself up to get frightened but nothing happens. The ‘ghosts’ walk right past you. You relax and kept walking then suddenly, BOO! They are right behind you. OMG. I was pretty okay at this part.

ANYWAYS! By the time the rain stopped, it was about 12ish and the “ghosts” didn’t come back out again. So didn’t manage to go through the other 2 scarezones 😦

Here’s a photo of us after we were drenched –

rebecca, me, minhui and weikang.

Now, for the haunted houses! We went to Songs of Death and Adrift. Hmm. Last year, there was a lot of “ghosts” jumping out from corners and cupboards. But this year, not as much. The “ghosts” are more visible this year and frankly, not as scary? But I think I psyched myself out. So I was grabbing onto Minhui and she was protecting me more than the other way round o.o HAHAHA! Rebecca was really brave too! She took the lead in Adrift because the couple in front walked way too fast.

The room that I hated the most was the one where they temporary blind you with the flickering lights. I couldn’t see and there was so many “bodies” hanging from the ceiling and there’s that Little Girl in Red in the corner running towards you. It’s just bad. In the end, I just closed my eye and held on to Minhui’s bag. Rebecca said she didn’t see the Little Girl in Red though *eeps!*

Oh yeah. In Songs of Death, Weikang was quite funny! He went up to one of the pop-up “ghosts” and did a “V” sign under her chin. I think she got so pek-chek that she shouted, “SCRAM!” (in Mandarin). HAHAHAHAH!

My advice if you are going to HHN3? BUY THE EXPRESS PASS! It’s worth it!!

So yeah. That’s my adventure at HHN3 this year. I swear, as I grow older, my courage drops. MEH! NEVER WILL I GO AGAIN! Well, that’s what I say now. I think I said the same thing last year too ;p

Oh yeah! Check out this video of Ellen’s assistant going to US Halloween Horror Night! Quite funny!!

Viewing Facebook edit history!

Okay, pardon me but I am a little slow on the uptake. I just realised about 2 weeks ago that I can view the ‘edit history’ for Facebook posts.

It’s quite cool.

For example, you can track how my list of cravings grew over the minutes…


@10.27am – 5 items

@10.40 - 7 items

@10.40 – 7 items

@10.41am - decided to be more specific.

@10.41am – decided to be more specific

And this is all available at one glance when you click on the words, “Edited” below the status.



in one list.

in one list.

But do note that your edit history is visible to EVERYONE who can see this post. So be careful of what you write! Especially if you are ranting! Imagine if you posted a status ranting about someone and limited the privacy. Then later on, decided to change your mind so you edit the post and made it viewable by all friends. GG.

With that said, I think it’s quite useful. Instead of posting multiple status updates about saying a wedding or an event, you can just keep editing your status! Then, leave a note to point readers to the “Edit History” so that they can follow the train of thoughts. Hmmm. Feasible? At least won’t have to flood your friends’ News Feed.

Edit History is also available for comments made under a post.



Oh yeah. When you change your privacy settings of a post after publishing it, the “Edited” word DOESN’T show. Ok? Don’t be silly ;p

Just saying. Alrighty!




[Throwback] An email from 2008

While going through my old old old blog from way back in 2008, I fount this email from Prof Lee. I think we were just about to start our internship…

11 May 2008 

Hi guys,

Hey, how are you! 🙂 Guess you have passed the exam ordeal… That wasn’t so hard after all, was it? 😉 Have you watched Ironman with your classmates yetHaha oops I am not supposed to promote any specific movie 😛

Well the next BIG thing is probably your PA. Are you excited about it? 😉 Have you planned what to wear? Printed your internship name cards yet? Haha, that’s a little bit exaggerated.Nonetheless do understand how important this PA is to you, because it is YOUR PA, and it means the world to you. Therefore I sincerely wish you very good luck and a very happy and fulfilling PA experienceI would love to go to your workplace, have a business lunch with you and hear your war stories. But during this period I am loaded with another heavy task, so I have my limitations. Regardless, you can always MSN me at (his email add) okay?

Just to share an old story with you. Two years ago a BAF student got pretty “freaked” out when his PA bank asked him to come up with a credit analysis of the marine industry. So he MSNed me on how to do a credit analysis and which NTU library database to use. I was thinking like… “the bank wants a marine industry credit analysis report out of a $400/month intern?” Haha, after 2 weeks of hair-splitting and extreme stress, then this student realized that what his boss was REALLY asking for was to find a consultant to do this credit analysis report. So all the 2 weeks of stress was really unnecessary. Nonetheless his boss was quite appreciative of his hard work and let him present the final report before the board of directors. So this story (fiction or real regardless), tells us not to get stressed up too much okay? Be sure to understand what your boss REALLY wants! 😉

Haha, just keep positive. Learn the wise words from the Lord of the Rings!
“You cannot choose what you are put into, but you can choose how you respond to it.”

Haha, cannot resist myself — I am also giving you guys a summer reading list. Some of you have asked for it, so I spent like 5 days and consulted a few of my colleagues to come up with this list. Below is a brief description, see the attached for more details. Many of you may find difficulty speaking in an interview or doing small talk in business gatherings — this is mostly likely because you have not read enough fiction yet. Reading non-fiction does not really help you to talk, only fiction does. Furthermore these are the books that well respected in the finance industry and are good conversation topics. So your hard work in reading them would not go to waste.

Guys, at this stage of your BAF school life, you are just 4 months away from sending out your first resume that can determine your future career, and 5 months away from attending your first real job interview. Your dream employers will be doing their job market talks in August and they will probably start their interviews in September. So in this period, it would be good for you to do some soul-searching about what career you really want, balancing your dream and your capability, and polish up your resumes. The PA is a good time to learn about what the industry wants. Talk to your PA boss or some related managers on how to get hired, what qualities they are looking for, and how to do a “killer” cover letter, resume and interview. In the past many interns secure a job position before the PA ends. It makes good sense to the company because they have already invested by training you on the job. So if you are not really that “detestable”, they’ll definitely consider you above some unknown would-be fresh graduate.

Haha, I must be getting old… I talk so much 😛 Well again all the best for your PA. Keep cool. Keep confident. And keep positive. Take good care and have fun! 🙂

Best Regards.
Asst Prof Lee Hon Sing
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Banking and Finance

I remember receiving emails from Prof Lee before every exams and right before we graduate (: Even till today, Prof Lee still chat with me on FB (esp when I am down) though he has never actually taught me before (I sneaked into one of his FM class though!).

Those were the days.

[Music Monday] Super Junior – It’s You 너라고

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

I like Super Junior. That’s something that everyone knows. After attending the press conference for Samsung Galaxy S, I was hooked (: Sometimes, when I am in a horrible horrible mood, watching some silly Super Junior variety or their live performances will make things a little better. I don’t know why but it just is (:

너라고 has always been one of my favorite song from Super Junior. It’s about some heart-broken dude singing about their undying love for a girl. Honestly, nothing deep or fancy or meaningful about the lyrics. But I like the beat, the MV and general why everything is presented. And okay, I confess. I like how Siwon walks towards the front during the first lyrics. My heart goes *thump thump* the first time I saw it. Kyyyaaaa~

The performance of this song was HORRIBLE during Super Show 5 Singapore. So when I saw someone posting on allkpop forum (which I NEVER visit) saying that the SS5 Tokyo version of the song was fantastic, I clicked on it and watched with apprehension. I mean, you can’t put it past ELFs. They are die-hard.

So, before I show you the actual MV, take a look at the SS5 Tokyo version. It’s….AWESOME.

With one of the main vocal (Yesung) missing, I think it’s a pretty awesome version. With that said, without Yesung, many of Super Junior’s songs feels a little weird. Like there’s something missing. But Wookie, Kyuhyun and even Sungmin are doing a good job trying to cover his parts. Come back soon, Yesung! Teuk too! The boys need a leader to up the fan service and to organise them! (: Plus, SJ’s songs are different even with one voice missing. The voices of the boys come together quite nicely.

Favorite part of the song, totally because of the beat

널 사랑한다 말해도 (when you tell me you love me)
천 번 만 번 말해도 (when you tell me thousands and millions of times)
내 가슴 속 다 불타고  (Even when my heart sets on fire)
마른 입술 닳도록 my dry lips wear out

So yups! That’s it this week! Leaving with the original MV. You’ll see two unfamiliar faces – Kibum and Hangeng. Kekeke.

enjoy the moment.

As the Chinese saying goes, “当局者迷,旁观者清”…I think it’s really true. It’s only through observing my friends do I realised some ‘flaws’ of my own.

Since there’s a higher probability of me re-reading my blog a few years down the road (as compared to reading old FB post), I thought it will be better if I copy what I wrote on FB here. So, here goes –

maybe some of us feels afraid when good things happen to us. that’s why we keep picking fault with it when it happens.

even thought, these “good things” are something we were so looking forward to. it’s almost as if we are never satisfied.

i’m guilty of it too. but i’m learning to accept these good things as little blessings in life, while not taking them for granted (:

It’s true. I do that quite often I realised.

For example, I’ve always wanted a black watch. When I finally found (and bought) one at Swatch, I keep picking faults with it (especially when people say nice compliments about it) – the ticking is too loud, the strap is not breathable, it gets old easily etc But secretly, I love my watch. It’s something I’ve always wanted. But I am so afraid that something bad will happen to it that I will keep criticising it.

Or for example, I used to be very proud of my skin. But when people praises it, I start nit-picking and stuff because I am afraid that the skin will deteriorate cos people are praising it and ‘heaven’ knows how much I (and everyone else) likes it.

To extrapolate, it’s like the traditional belief of why parents pierce the ears of their son. They want to give ‘heaven’ the impression that they are not very happy with the son because he is ‘flawed’. In this way, they will be able to protect their son and ward evil away.

Yup. I think why people like to criticise things that they have always wanted after they have gotten it *breathes- what a long sentence* is because they think that it’s too good to be true. That good things shouldn’t happen to them.

I’m one of them.

BUT! I am learning to change that. It’s healthier. And it’s easier than asking me to stop whining about bad stuff ;p

I am trying to accept it when positive things happen to me. I will always silently go, “Thank you, God (:” and then just soak in the moment (:

I am also trying to change the habit of nit-picking at the things people compliment me for. For example, when people say, “Nice watch!” I will now say, “Thank you! It’s a little loud though.” and just stop there. One step at a time! Someday, I will eventually be able to just say thank you and not nitpick (:

Positive things happen not too often. Having things that we always wanted to happen happens is not too common too. So, let’s all learn to stop the nitpicking and learn to soak in the moment! Before the universe gets pissed with us and takes all of them because we are so darn picky ;p

Seeing the Minister in action

At the risk of sounding like a pro-PAP or even being brainwashed by my job, I am still going to write this.

For the record, I am more politically apathetic. If it doesn’t affect me, more often than not, I won’t be bothered. Yes, I will still read up on the new policy and what not but I won’t react to it.


I was at Certis Cisco yesterday for a learning journey. Minister Lim Swee Say was there as well. It was the first time in that I’ve seen him so up close and personal.

As with all learning journey, Certis Cisco gave a presentation of their corporate profile and how they have a “Employees first” policy. While it is hard to reconcile the image I have of the old security guard at my old workplace with the ones that Certis Cisco is presenting, I must say their policies are quite awesome. Do you know that promotion of a Cisco guard is “controlled” by the Singapore Police Force?

Anyways, I digress.

Minister Lim SG Lim really care for the workers. He presented his case of why the progressive wage ladder is important and really broke it down for the management of Certis Cisco. At the same time, he also understand the difficulties of the management who is kind of caught in the middle i.e. if they raise the pay of their workers, their cost increase and they can’t remain competitive to win contracts.

At which point, SG Lim introduced the aids that are available to them. And said that he is trying to educate companies who call for tender about the progressive wage policy too.

I driftrd off at some point because my attention span when made to sit still is not more than 30mins ;p but I have to say, seeing SG in action is really quite impressive.

Even though he did say something that made me *facepalm* towards the end and I gave him a bit of “discount”. Hahaha! But that only makes him more personable (:

I’m quite excited next year when the progressive wage policy gets implemented in the cleaners and garderners sector. I wonder how that will affect my mum (who is a carpark cleaner).

Note: The Progressive Wage Ladder is something like a minimal wage. It’s not a flat out rate but depending on your job nature, you get a different minimum wage.

Or so I was told. Still learning.