i will sleep early.

I’m on a mission to sleep early these days.

Not early as in 10 or even 11pm. Earlier than the usual time I sleep.

I used to sleep after 1.30am every night and wake up around 6am for toilet break and then 7.20am to get ready for work. But these days, I realised that age is catching up. Sad, but true. I get tired a lot more easily. My metabolism gets affected when I am tired. My face gets pimple-ish when I am tired.

So, I am on a mission to sleep early.

I aim to bathe at 10.30pm every night (after the parents are done). Be in my room by 11.20pm. Be in bed by 12.15am to read. And cut off all connections and sleep at 12.45am!

So far….I have only done that on Sunday T_T

Yesterday, “Moral Instruments: City of Bones” was so awesome that I couldn’t put the ipod touch down! I kept telling myself, “Okay. 2 more pages. 2 more pages.” Well, 2 more turned into about 60 more and I slept at 1.30am instead -.- Now, I am tired. SUPER DUPER.

Yes. 20 more minutes to go. I hope I can stick to this resolution. AJA AJA!


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