it’s denim-licious.

If there’s something I love almost as much as black skater dress and black racer-backs, it’s denim items. And that’s saying quite a lot!

If you know my dressing style, you will know how many of the same skater dress and racer-backs I have in my closet. Hehehehe!

Anyways! This has to be my favorite fashion season ever!

I don’t know if it’s a Fall trend or not but…I’ve been seeing denim items on sale at more and more places recently (:

the denim jacket from Lilypirates.

There’s something about denim that makes me go, “omg. so nice! I gotta have it!” Hahaha! I love white-washed denim (is that what the color above is called?) the best ❤

And while searching for denim stuff, I saw this –

the one on extreme right.

Guess who will be heading to Giordano soon? HAAHHAHAHA! And I was just telling the classmates that I am running a deficit this month with 3 birthdays and 2 weddings T_T Okay. I will ren! Until payday at least? If it’s not around anymore, then I am not fated to have it. OKAY! *confident nod*

Okok. This is just a “meepok” post. I will end it here with a photo of my Mr Simple dance class. Why? Because I am random and bimbo like that ;p

we did it (albeit not very awesomely).


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