happy intern day! (:

Yesterday was “Happy Intern Day!” (officially known as ‘Thank Your Inter Day’) and the team bought some cupcakes to make our intern’s day.

thank you, brandon!

thank you, brandon!

I’ve never actually worked with him directly but whenever I see him, he is always smiling and full of energy. And seeing a smiley face is always awesome! 😀

Ah. Internship days (: Seems so looooonnnggg ago for me. But I’ll always remember how SIA cancelled my internship 2-3 weeks before the start T_T And how I cried after my interview @ Weber Shanwick because my interviewer basically doubted my ability to write in English because I scored As for my O and A’level Chinese, and attacked me personally.

Right. Anyways! I eventually ended up doing internship @ People’s Association – Senior Citizen Network (: I think my manager was really nice to offer me a place there at the last minute and letting me do comms (totally unrelated to what I was studying – Banking and Finance).

I think that was when my interest in comms started (:

Internship pay was crap though T_T $500 per month and I was doing really menial stuff like creating Powerpoint presentations, transcript-ing, translating stuff from English to Chinese and some tiny bit of copywriting, calling up the media to look for coverage of our events.

I also learned about office-dynamics, processes and other stuff during my stay there. Not because the office is very political. Just by sittiing in the office, I hear how colleagues interact with each other, what they are talking about and etc etc. You know as the chinese idiom goes – 潜移默化!

Of course, because of that internship, I started liking comms! Plus, I gained some work experience in the comms area and can put it in my resume. I think (and hoped) that to some extent, it helped to open some doors. I think applying for comms job might have been more difficult with my banking degree and zero comms-related experience.

Been telling my brother to apply for internships at companies that he likes or with job scope that he likes so that he can see if there’s job match.


I just heard from my colleague that publishing house don’t pay their interns and I’m like, “WHAT?!” But I guess it’s all about prestige and how by interning there, your resume will sparkle? Doors will open more easily for you. So everyone, REN! FIGHTING!!!!

But of course, remember, as an intern doesn’t mean you are cheap labour k! Don’t be bullied into climbing high climbing low (chinese translation) ok?


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