2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour Girls & Peace SG

With much anxiety, Rebecca and I managed to get two tickets to the concert! πŸ˜€ And what we I thought was going to be a horrible seat turned out to be pretty awesome. It was on the side but to a certain extent, I preferred it to the full frontal view because we were closer to the extended stage. Hehe!

This is the second Girls’ Generation concert that I’ve been to. The previous one was their first concert here back in 2011.

love the lightings for this.

I can’t say which concert is better because each of them have their own merits and demerits. For example, the first concert has solo portion and those were really awesome. I really liked Sooyoung’s dance. Solo portions makes the whole concert feels more personable. The concert yesterday had no solos 😦

However, in terms of energry, the concert yesterday was the best. I was screaming from the start right to the end. So did the other SONEs. But at some part, we were totally silent (but not for long) cos I think everyone is just conserving energy ;p

Tiffany also made us sang two song for them (: I think they were “I Got A Boy” and “Gee”? Can’t remember but it felt rather personable. Oh yes. There was also the pink wave. Imagine Kallang Wave but instead of standing up, lights are switched on.

one of the fan projects.

Of course, fan projects are always important! This year’s fan project was definitely more well thought out than the previous concert. There’s about 4 projects? The banners, the flashlight and the encore. The encore project was not awesome but it’s successful at least (: Basically, the fans were supposed to sing the chorus of “Into the New World” instead of shouting encore. We managed to sing it about 2-3 times but after awhile, everyone just started shouting, “μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€!Β μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€!” I have a short video of the fans singing, so if any fanclubs are looking for such videos, let me know.

Romanized lyrics were prepared for us but I was telling Rebecca that I can’t read romanization so I ended up just singing from memory. After all, I have heard the song many many many times while learning the dance and what not.

yoona and sooyoung…FIGHT!

I think the girls have matured a little bit more since their last concert and you can tell during this concert. I don’t know how to put it but the concert feels more personable and yet more run-of-the-mill at the same time. It can be because I am just suffering from a bout of concert fatigue?

Anyhoos! Seohyun has really…blossomed (for a lack of better words). She talked so much and was so active during the concert! (: Sooyoung too! My Yoona was normal? It really depends on who she’s standing next to. When she was standing with Jessica, they just talk within themselves. But put her with Sooyoung or Yuri, VIOLA!

Maybe because I was sitting at the side, I didn’t notice a lot of fanservice. But ah well.

The encore was rather short with only 3 songs – Into the New World, Oh! and Twinkle. I was expecting more! And wanted more! But ohwells! With that said, the acoustic version of “Into the New World” is awesome (: *searches for it online*

doing the usual fanchant ending (:

Sooyoung mentioned that they will be back here real soon! Wondering if she was referring to TaeTiSeo hosting the MBC Korean Music Wave or that they will be coming back for some other performance. Whatever it is, PSYCHED! Need to start eating cup noodles for lunch everyday if that’s really the case though T_T

Another awesome concert from one of my favorite group! (:

Ohyes. If you have lobangs for MBC Korean Music Wave, let me know! I want to see EXO and 4Minute!

Photos are shot with Canon Powershot S100. More photos hereΒ (please credit if you are using them).


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